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The Best Nightstands to Enhance Your Bedroom Decor


Modern white nightstand next to bed with pink and green bedsheets in pastel bedroom interior

While your bed and mattress are the centerpiece of your bedroom, the furniture also plays an important role. Nightstands give you storage for common items you might need in bed, as well as a place to stow daily items like glasses or a watch. Just as importantly, the best nightstands will enhance your bedroom decor by complimenting your bed.

How to Choose the Best Nightstand for You

One of the first considerations when choosing a nightstand is how well its look matches or compliments your bed. Choose a color or style that’s aesthetically pleasing to you, above all. Another thing to keep in mind is the height of the nightstand compared to your bed. You want your nightstand to be easy to access, so it’s best to pick one that is roughly the same height as your mattress surface or two to four inches taller. 

The Best Nightstand Options at City Mattress

We offer a variety of nightstands, each with its own unique design and style. Some are from the same collections as our selection of dressers, so you can easily match your bedroom furniture with City Mattress. For the purposes of this article, we’ll group nightstands by single drawer and 2-drawer options.

Single Drawer Nightstand Options

For a beachy look, our Sea Winds Trading Islamorada Nightstand is made of solid wood, and finished with water-based products. The distressed gray wood, paired with gently-glazed white wood, creates an immediate island feel. In contrast, the Greenington Vale Havana Nightstand features solid bamboo, and is finished with a rich Havana stain to highlight the beauty of the wood. 

For traditionalists, our Madison Park Signature Victoria Light Natural Wood 1-Drawer Nightstand offers a classic, lightly-finished style, perfect for neutral bedrooms. Meanwhile, the Madison Park Signature Yardley Reclaimed Gray Wood 1-Drawer Nightstand features a timeless look that adds a touch of contemporary elegance. Another great and traditional option is the Linon Reid Walnut Wood 1-Drawer Nightstand, finished in a deep, walnut brown.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, our Greenington Legend Bamboo Nightstand is made from sustainable bamboo, and finished in a dark ruby tone. The LumiSource Midas Contemporary Storage Side Table is a white, single-drawer side table with a gold, geometric frame. This style fits a variety of interior looks. Also from LumiSource, the Roman Contemporary Storage End Table has a similar geometric frame in silver, with the single-drawer table having a dark woodgrain finish.

2-Drawer Nightstand Options

In beachy, worn looks with two drawers, we start with our Sea Winds Trading Islamorada Nightstand, which shares its styling with the single drawer version mentioned above. For a rustic white and woodgrain finish, the Vaughan Bassett Sawmill Nightstand adds an antique style to your bedroom. Lastly, our Sea Winds Trading Monaco Nightstand comes in simple white or blue, and will add a sense of coastal charm to your bedside.

Traditional 2-drawer choices include our JLM Furniture Dunes Wood Nightstand, which comes in left and right configurations. The sand-colored wood finish blends traditional and contemporary styles, for a modern compromise. The Linon Reid Walnut Wood 2-Drawer Nightstand offers a rich walnut finish that will blend with most decors. Our INK + IVY Jeremy White 2-Drawer Storage Nightstand brings mid-century modern aesthetics in striking blue or muted gray drawers, combined with a white frame. 

Our Linon Mid Century 2-Drawer Nightstand at once mid-century and contemporary, with a sleek, two-tone wood finish. The solid wood splayed legs draw the eye, while the natural wood grain holds it. Another strong eye-catcher is the Vaughan Bassett Dovetail Sun Bleached White 2-Drawer Nightstand, which features dominant dovetail joinery at the top front corners, and a natural reclaimed wood look with exposed splits, cracks, and knots achieved through ATAP™ Technology.

Find the Right Nightstand for You at City Mattress

We’re focused on giving you a wide variety of choices at City Mattress. Our nightstand offerings go well beyond what’s covered in this article. We even have 3-drawer nightstands available. You’ll also find a plethora of accent furniture for the rest of your home, and plenty of fresh lighting to choose from. Whatever it is you need, City Mattress can help. Let us be your partner in setting up your ultimate relaxation oasis!