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Will a Weighted Blanket Keep You Warmer?


Weighted Blanket

Autumn is upon us, which means winter isn’t too far behind. Very soon, you’ll be adding extra blankets and quilts around the house so you can snuggle down when you get too chilly. We have a large selection of high-quality blankets, including those that are weighted blankets

Wait… will a weighted blanket keep you warmer? You’ve certainly heard of plenty of other benefits of a weighted blanket, like easing anxiety, but what about your actual temperature? Do these blankets offer more heat and comfort because they’re heavier? Let’s answer these questions right now!

Will a Weighted Blanket Keep You Warmer?

By nature, weighted blankets can be warmer than regular blankets. They are a lot thicker than normal ones and contain more weight. It makes sense that a weighted blanket would keep you warmer than something like a thin throw blanket you keep on the sofa. 

The key is to find a weighted blanket that keeps you toasty, not hot and sweaty. In order to do so, you will want to pay attention to two things: fabric and weight. Choose a blanket that weighs approximately 10% of your body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds, start your search looking at a 15-pound weighted blanket. 

Once you have the right weight, you can be choosy about materials. You want to avoid cheap plastic pellets and instead opt for a blanket with high-quality glass beads. Plastic is a bad conductor of heat, which means it will retain most of the body heat of the person underneath it. What about the actual material the blanket is made from? Yes, the fabric matters too! You want a blanket made from breathable, yet warm materials instead of a synthetic polyester blend. For instance, the Hush Blankets All Season 2-In-1 Grey Weighted Blanket Bundle has a cooling cover that wicks away moisture and keeps you cooler through a proprietary blend of bamboo and cotton. This is ideal!

This can feel like a lot to remember when you’re shopping. If you have any further questions, our Sleep Experts are here to help!

Our Favorite Weighted Blankets to Keep You Warm

Weighted blankets vary in size, shape, color, and material, depending on what you prefer. They’re usually filled with tiny glass pellets to make them heavier. Some blankets have just a few extra pounds on them, making them an ideal weighted blanket for kids. Others may have 20 or more pounds added, which are better suited for heavier adults who want and need the serious weight.

We offer over a dozen weighted blanket options on our website, all from top manufacturers like Malouf, Soft-Tex, Beautyrest, Hush Blankets and more. They are all products we are proud to stand behind, but these are a few of our top recommendations if you’re specifically looking for a weighted blanket to keep you extra warm on chilly nights:

Soft-Tex Serenity 15lb Plush Sherpa Weighted Blanket

We invite you to discover the soothing comfort provided by this 15-pound reversible weighted blanket featuring luxuriously smooth, hypoallergenic gray fabric at one side and plush Sherpa at the opposite. Inside are high-density glass beads and box-quilting, ensuring gentle, steady pressure without shifting.

Soft-Tex Wellness Collection 12lb Sherpa Plaid Weighted Blanket

This 12-pound weighted blanket from Soft-Tex’s Wellness Collection features an even fill with high-density glass beads to provide all-over comforting pressure. Reversible, removable, and machine washable, the dual-sided blanket cover displays red and black plaid patterning at one side and plush Sherpa at the opposite. The plaid print blanket's weighted comfort helps to encourage calm and secure feelings for sounder, toastier sleep.

Beautyrest Deluxe Quilted Cotton Weighted Blanket

Designed to keep you calm and cozy, this blanket features a fill of micro glass beads and padding to distribute weight safely and evenly. It features a soft, cloud-quilted cover and insert in 12-pound or 18-pound weights, both of which will produce a feeling of security and relief through the night.

This chilly season, wrap yourself in one of our snuggly weighted blankets for the ultimate in cozy comfort. Whether you choose the Hush Blankets Classic Grey Weighted Blanket or one with a plush Sherpa side, it's sure to be just what you’re looking for. Deeper sleep, warmth, and relaxation is just a new weighted blanket away!