Casper Pillows

About Casper Pillows

It is time you align yourself for better sleep- literally. You’ve no doubt heard a lot of great things about Casper mattresses. This same dedication to creating top-tier products applies to their line of pillows as well! It’s no wonder Casper says, “Better Sleep, Better Buy.”

Casper Pillow Materials

These are the pillows of your dreams! Sleepers’ personal pillow preferences are unique, so Casper offers several different material options. Casper’s design team pored over every detail to ensure optimal support and comfort. The Original Casper Pillow has a down-alternative fill that mimics the airy softness of down. The unique pillow-in-pillow design responds to your movements. This pillow is also very breathable; the weave keeps you cool night after night. The clump-resistant fill brings your pillow back to life with one quick fluff. The foam pillow delivers a luxuriously squishy feel that keeps you comfy night after night. AirScape™ perforated foam pushes heat away to help keep you sleeping cool. Plus, they’re easy to care for. The Down Pillow, Original Casper Pillow, and cover of the Foam Pillow are all machine washable.

Your Pillow Options with Casper

With Casper, you get softness and support in a choice of three materials. Casper’s original pillow features the brand’s best-selling pillow-in-pillow design for adaptive comfort. It’s the most popular pillow in their collection. There is also a foam pillow, the most supportive pillow for all-night alignment. If you’re someone who loves a super soft pillow, look no further than Casper’s down pillow. It is Casper’s fluffiest pillow yet, filled with 100% ethically-sourced down. With this down pillow, you can feel good about how great you’re sleeping on your new pillow. Go ahead and pile on the comfort!

What Else You Need to Know About Casper Pillows

Whether you sleep on your back, front, or side, Casper pillows are designed to support you. Regardless of which pillow you choose, all Casper pillow options are available in low loft. These are ideal for stomach sleepers, in order to keep a sleeper’s spinal alignment healthy and correct.