Dog Beds

About Dog Beds

Give your four-legged family member a cozy and supportive place to rest their paws and lay their heads with the perfect dog bed. Available with gel, memory foam, orthopedic pressure-relief, machine-washable covers, bolstered perimeters, lofty polyfill, and more— our collection of dog beds from Martha Stewart range from durable and practical to luxurious and indulgent.

Dog Beds Materials

Dogs can sleep for up to 14 hours a day, so a comfortable bed is essential for your best friend. Luxury dog beds offer high-loft with a tailored linen shell and plush polyester insert for a pillowy cloud-like comfort. The Martha Stewart Bella Pet Couch utilizes two layers of support, including gel-infused memory foam over solid foam for high-quality pressure-relief and a cuddly feel. Martha Stewart’s Luna Pet Cuddler is both comforting and warm with overstuffed polyfill bolstered sidewalls, providing a sense of security for your pup.

Your Options with Dog Beds

Whether your pup is resting indoors, outdoors, in a crate, or on the floor, dog beds come in multiple shapes, sizes, and firmness levels to match their specific needs. Avoiding additional pressure, Martha Stewart’s memory foam dog beds are perfect for senior dogs with a removable, machine-washable cover, balanced support, and orthopedic comfort. Offered as a small or large pet couch, Martha Stewart’s Bella dog bed is available in two dimensions to cradle a range of breeds. Perfect for pups who love snuggling up against something, bolster dog beds feature raised sidewalls for an enhanced sense of safety.

What Else You Should Know About Dog Beds

Before deciding which dog bed is right for your best friend, pay attention to how and where your dog sleeps, consider any special needs and their personality traits. Keep in mind that the best dog bed relies on your companion’s preferences, just as when we choose mattresses for ourselves!


Learn More About Dog Beds

A memory foam pet bed with machine-washable, removable cover is the best option for you if you're worried about allergies.

Begin by finding the right size, not too big and not to tight. Then, choose a material your dog will find cozy and snuggly. Just like you, your dog will probably find memory foam to feel very comfortable.

We recommend a memory foam pet bed with machine-washable, removable cover. This bed will comfortable, durable, and easy to clean.

To measure your dog, measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail while they are standing up on all four feet. Add roughly six to 12 inches to make sure they have plenty of space. This should be the length of your dog bed.

Orthopedic pet beds can be especially useful for older cats and dogs, for the same reasons as orthopedic beds are great for older people! They're also recommended for larger dogs or injured pets who really need the extra support and cushioning.

Memory foam itself is not washable, which is why the best pet beds have covers that are easy to remove and wash in your machine.

The best pet beds have covers that are easy to remove and wash in your machine. You can also wipe or dab a recent stain to remove it.

Of course! If you order a small dog bed for a cat, he or she will probably like it very much.

These dog beds are very durable because of their covers. They have been tested for durability and quality.

Because the covers are easy to remove and wash in your machine, you won't need to worry about odors.

Watch your dog to see where he or she likes to hang out. Many dogs like to sleep near you, so try to find a warm spot in your bedroom. Be sure to keep it visible, but out of the way.