About Yogasleep

You will get a healthy, deep night's sleep every time you use one of these products. Why are we so sure? Yogasleep has been making fantastic sleep products for over 50 years! It all began when a woman realized she slept better with the loud hum of an air conditioner than in complete silence. Her husband made her the first “sleep conditioner.” Before long, his friends and family were asking for his sleep machines. A little company was started, which soon turned into a much bigger company. It’s no wonder what Yogasleep says their products “all started with love!”

Your Options with Yogasleep

Because Yogasleep is a leader in the sleep health and wellness industry, we’re proud to carry a variety of items from this brand. Their white noise machines are truly some of the best of the best! Beyond white noise machines, we also carry Yogasleep baby sound soothers that easily fit into your diaper bag, multi noise machines, natural noise machines, sound machines with a nightlight, and more. Any child is sure to love Yogasleep’s Soundscene Sound Machine with Light Projector in a fun turtle shape. The Pocket Baby Sound Soothers come in a variety of animals, so you can choose your little one’s favorite!

What Else You Should Know About Yogasleep

Most YogaSleep products are made in the USA by teammates who have been with the company for so long they are an integral part of quality control. In fact, they sign each and every sound machine! This dedication is why Yogasleep products last for decades.