So, you’ve bought a new mattress at City Mattress. Here’s what you should expect.

1) Break-in Period
When sleeping on a new mattress your body may not be used to the level of support the new mattress provides. Your body will have to learn the new support as much as your new mattress will need to mold to your body. During this process, you may find your new mattress to be a bit uncomfortable. This is completely normal and should be expected. While in the break-in period we suggest while on the mattress and not sleeping, lie in the areas you do not sleep on. For reading and/or watching TV, you should use the middle areas so they will compress similarly to your sleep areas. This process could take up to 60-90 days to complete.

2) Showroom Feel versus Home Feel
Our showroom models average a few months of use by our guests and as such have gone through the break-in period. After the break-in period is complete, your mattress will feel similar to the feel you experienced in the store. If your new mattress doesn’t feel like the floor sample that is OK and completely normal.

3) Flipping and Turning
There is no need to flip and/or turn your new mattress. Mattresses made today are designed to be used in one position. Your comfort area will be unique to the sleeper. If you choose to rotate your mattress you certainly can but it is not mandatory to extend the life of the product. Your mattress is not designed to be flipped over. The upholstery is only on one side of the mattress.

4) Getting the most out of your mattress:
Today’s mattresses are made using many layers of foams and fibers to create a comfortable, pressure-relieving sleep surface. These fibers and foams are absorbent materials. To get the best experience and longest life, you need to keep these materials away from any moisture that may develop during sleeping. A moisture barrier is best achieved with a mattress protector or encasement. These products will maintain the comfort of the mattress and still protect your investment. In addition to keeping moisture out, you will be able to launder the protector to provide a clean sleeping surface for more enjoyable sleep.