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How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule when Your Routine is “off”


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Chances are pretty good that your daily life is nothing like it was six months ago. Maybe you’re working remotely. Perhaps your kids are doing virtual school this fall. You’re definitely spending more time at home than you ever have before! Whenever your daily routine is off, your sleep schedule probably is too. Not to mention, a day of little walking around and plenty of sugary snacks affect your slumber as well! 

Are you finding yourself staying up too late because you know you don’t have a commute tomorrow? Maybe you’re more anxious than normal, so it’s taking longer to fall asleep. You could even be having bad dreams. In a time like this, knowing how to fix your sleep schedule is more important than ever. City Mattress is here to help you, so the deep, restorative sleep you need is no longer elusive.

Understanding How Your Sleep Clock Works

It starts with ensuring you’re getting the right amount of sleep. For a healthy adult, this means seven to eight hours a night. It isn’t just how much you sleep, but also when. Have you ever noticed that you tend to feel energized and drowsy around the same times every day? This is your circadian rhythm at work. Different people have different sleep schedules, and this is perfectly fine. The key is to find the best sleep schedule for you. 

It helps to stick to a bedtime and wake up routine right now, even if your daily schedule isn’t as strict during “safer at home” as it normally is. When things get in the way, like staying up with a crying baby or a compelling event on TV, you can disrupt your circadian rhythm. This makes you feel out of sorts and can make it harder to pay attention, feel rested, and be in a good mood- even if you technically got the full eight hours. If you stayed up until 3 am and then slept until nearly noon, how would you feel? Most people would say they’d expect to feel pretty lousy. That’s because this isn’t the best sleep schedule for you. It’s worth noting that for some people, it is!

The more you pay attention to your body and notice feelings of alertness and drowsiness, and the more time you spend developing good sleep hygiene habits, the better your sleep and your overall health will be. If you are saying “I want to know how to fix my sleep schedule!” the very first step is to know when you should be heading to bed for the night and going from there. This is as simple as deciding on a wake up time and subtracting eight.

Take Gradual Steps

Sorry, but there’s no magic tricks that will teach you how to fix a sleep schedule in one night. Like any other health adjustment, it’s going to be more successful if you take it slowly and make it a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. For instance, you may need help falling asleep earlier, so you decide to manipulate the lighting in your room with dark curtains and a sleep mask. You may not fall asleep instantly the first time, but soon it will be easier to feel sleepy as soon as the curtains are drawn.

Experts agree that the best way to fix a sleep schedule is to take it slowly and make gradual improvements. In fact, your poor sleep habits probably started just the same way! Maybe one night you thought “Wow! If I’m working remotely tomorrow, I can stay up an hour later tonight and catch one more episode.” As the weeks went on, you added on one more. Now, months later, you’re staying up far too late each night and grumpy every morning. 

For starters, turn off the television and any other screens two hours before bedtime. If you find yourself wide awake, read a book, take a bath, or journal. Be sure to get into a daily exercise routine, as this will help you feel more tired. Stop or cut back on smoking, alcohol, and caffeine. You don’t need to do all of these on day one, slowly try out healthier habits and see what feels right to you.

Practice Healthy Sleep

It is important to realize that learning how to adjust a sleep schedule won’t work if the reason you can’t fall asleep is due to an uncomfortable, old, or unsupportive mattress. Are you on the right mattress for your needs? Your sleep routine is only going to be as good as your mattress! The right mattress will be both comfortable and supportive. If you aren’t comfortable, you’ll have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. If the mattress doesn’t offer enough support, you’ll find yourself “sinking in” and waking up with aches and pains. 

Once you have found your new mattress, you shouldn’t have to wait for a good night’s sleep. Local delivery and setup is free whenever you make a purchase from City Mattress, and oftentimes can be done the next day. Once you learn how to fix a bad sleep schedule, shop City Mattress for a brand new mattress so you don’t miss out on another night of the sleep you need.

In the face of COVID-19, no one can afford not to sleep well right now. We’re always available to chat with you about solving your sleep needs, either in our stores while wearing a mask, over the phone, or via our website chat platform. We encourage you to keep up with reading our sleep blog for helpful tips on getting the rest you need. If you have any other questions or sleep concerns, speak to a friendly, knowledgeable sleep expert and ask. We’re here for anything you need!