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These are Not Your Parents Innerspring Mattresses!


Innerspring Mattress

Our innerspring mattresses are some of our best sellers and have been for many years. There are good reasons for this! One of the biggest benefits of choosing an innerspring mattress is that there is a very wide variety you can choose from. Whether you want one that is extra firm, extra plush, or anywhere in between, you can find it with an innerspring mattress. There are many different brands that you can choose from, which means you can get a variety of price ranges and options in an innerspring mattress, from high-end luxury to a mattress that fits in even a modest budget. These mattresses are very good for people who like to sleep on their stomach or back. The right level of comfort, your ideal support, and even a price you’re happy with can be found in an innerspring mattress!

Before we get into what is new and exciting with our innerspring mattress options, let’s first take a brief look at how it all began.

A Quick History of the Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress is a choice you feel comfortable with because you already basically know what it is. People know and understand these types of mattresses, because they have been around for so many years. While something like a bed in a box mattress may seem new and confusing, the concept of an innerspring mattress feels quite understandable and familiar. That’s because innerspring mattresses have been around for over a century!

Long ago, mattresses were stuffed with hay, wool, feathers, and other materials. The innerspring mattress was the first modern mattress type and replaced those often uncomfortable and even dangerous options. It was invented by Berliner Heinrich Westphal in the early 1870s. He used metal coils, which were actually originally designed for the seats of horse-drawn carriages, to make his new kind of mattress. The innerspring mattress was born!

Sales really took off starting in the 1930s. This is because at the beginning of the 20th century, mattresses could be mass produced for the first time. This made them more accessible to the average person. Their general construction remains the same, but innerspring mattresses have evolved over the years to be something really spectacular.

What’s New in the Industry?

Today’s best innerspring mattresses consist of a network of hundreds, or even thousands, of coils and springs. They feature varying gauges (thicknesses) and strengths. The stronger the coils, the firmer the mattress will be. The more coils you have within the bed, the better support it will provide for your body’s individual contour. 

While innerspring mattresses from the old days may have been more likely to sag and wear down due to weak coils, modern mattresses are made with steel or titanium coils and individually wrapped. This makes a huge difference, because they’re made to last for up to 10 years (see our recent article for insights into identifying when it's time to replace your innerspring mattress)

This new type of individually-wrapped coils provides sleepers with greater pressure relief and motion isolation. The layer of coiled springs is usually covered by a special comfort layer, typically constructed from a type of foam. The coils also allow for airflow within the mattress. If you’re a hot sleeper, you may discover that an innerspring mattress will feel cooler when compared to memory foam mattresses that allow you to “sink into” the foam.

The very nature of an innerspring mattresses gives them bounce and movement that can’t be replicated with foam materials. Innerspring mattresses provide firm and targeted support, especially around the edge of the mattress. This makes them a popular choice for heavier individuals, as well as anyone who likes a Firm comfort feel to their bed. That’s not to say all modern innerspring mattresses are Firm, of course. You can also opt for a Plush innerspring mattress or even a Pillow Top innerspring mattress.

A Few of Our Top Recommendations

Modern innerspring mattresses are nothing like the older versions. Just like our televisions, cars, and phones, modern technology has moved the industry forward in leaps and bounds. Some brands have taken it even further, to produce a mattress like nothing the world has ever seen before!

Stearns & Foster Rockwell Luxury Firm Mattress

This firm mattress from the famed brand contours with a solid overall feel. Reducing motion transfer, isolating movement, and maintaining durability, the PrecisionEdge™ perimeter and IntelliCoil® innerspring system allow edge-to-edge usage and a personalized level of resistance. The IntelliCoil® Advanced support system is a proprietary innerspring network with an encased coil-in-coil design that adapts to weight, shapes, and size for perfect support level, while also reducing motion transfer.  

PranaSleep Karma Peace Plush Mattress

The innerspring mattress features a durable coil system, superior quality foams, and top fabrics, plus superior engineering and patented processes. It all combines to make a mattress that offers true edge to edge comfort and superior value.

Simmons Beautyrest Black 'C' Class Medium Firm Mattress

This mattress features their patented Triple Braided Coil (T3) innerspring system, which provides the firmest support system within the Beautyrest® line-up. These Triple Braided Pocketed Coils create a luxury firm comfort to relieve pressure points.

Aireloom Seaside Plush Luxetop Mattress

Aireloom's handmade Plush Luxetop mattress is the epitome of world-class design! Beyond the quilt package that features eight pounds of cotton and over 49 artisan-crafted tufts with engulfing comfort, there are also two tiers of micro coils. They were designed to alleviate neck and back pains for a deep, rejuvenating night's sleep.

Vispring Coronet Firm Mattress

This handmade mattress is made to order, just for you, with the most luxurious natural materials, like wool and cotton, as well as a layer of pocket springs made from Vanadium steel. These springs provide you with just the right amount of firm support. 

Kluft Duchess Plush Mattress

Tailored by hand with the finest materials, Kluft's Duchess Plush Mattress offers luxurious sleep comfort and pressure-relieving support. This innerspring mattress creates the ultimate sleep surface with Belgian jacquard damask silk and wool quilting layers. At the same time, hand-nested pocketed coils move independently to contour to your unique body shape for an unbeatable night's rest.

We can’t wait to show you what is new and exciting with innerspring mattresses. When you visit your nearest City Mattress location and lie down on one for the first time, you won’t believe how great it feels. You’ll know for sure that this is not your parents’ innerspring mattress!