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Vispring Luxury Mattresses: Worth It?


Vispring Luxury Mattress

When it comes to your bed, you get what you pay for. A cheaply-made mattress won’t deliver the kind of rest and rejuvenation you need. This is why we carry mattresses made from top brands that we can be proud of. One such brand is Vispring. We want to help you get a good night’s sleep and wake up well rested the next morning, and Vispring focuses intently on this goal when they create their luxury bedding.

A Bit About Vispring Mattresses

Vispring has one goal when they create their luxury mattresses: helping you sleep the way you deserve. These are handcrafted mattresses that are made to order, just for you, with the most luxurious natural materials. When it comes to the materials being used for these luxury mattresses, only the best will do! This includes wool and cotton, as well as a layer of pocket springs made from Vanadium steel. Vanadium steel springs, which they produce themselves, provide you just the right amount of support. These mattresses are pocket-sprung, working together to create the ultimate support system for your hips, shoulders, and spine. These springs have been made the same way for 120 years, with lengths of high-grade durable Vanadium steel that are wound six times before they’re individually wrapped in natural calico pockets.

They also use vicuña wool from Peru because it has superior insulating qualities. Bamboo fibers from China wick away moisture in Vispring mattresses and are also soft, sustainable, and ultra-absorbent. The Turkish long-fiber cotton and South African mohair they use aids in this purpose as well. Mohair is made from the hair of angora goats and is insulating in the winter and cool in the summer. These mattresses also contain cashmere, silk, and horsetail for added support and comfort.

As mentioned above, each of their handcrafted mattresses is made to order. They fill, finish and stitch by hand, making every bed exactly the way you want it. They have been doing this for over a century, so you can rest easy knowing they have accumulated endless knowledge of what size, resilience, and tension is right for your mattress springs, as well as which textiles are the most luxurious and sustainable. 

It is for this reason that Vispring mattresses have stood the test of time. They have been sold to the elite since 1901. In 1911, ocean liners were the best way to travel. It was here that Vispring found its first major orders. The opulent comfort of a Vispring mattress fit perfectly in the first-class cabins and suites of the world’s finest ships, like the Titanic and Olympic. They were made then by craftsmen using only the best natural materials, and the same still holds true today.

Is a Luxury Mattress Worth the Cost?

As noted in our Diamond Majesty mattress article, one look at the Vispring mattress price will tell you that these certainly are not cheap. However, they are amongst the best you can buy anywhere in the world. They're made with high-quality materials and they come with long guarantees. You won’t find many other mattresses that are handcrafted by true experts and composed of cashmere, 100 percent Platinum Certified British Fleece Wool, Turkish long-fiber cotton, and South African mohair. It is no wonder they also have a prestigious reputation and name brand!

For one thing, every Vispring bed is carefully handmade and can last a lifetime if you carry out a little maintenance. These mattresses are covered by a 30 Year Guarantee from the manufacturer. A little bit of math will tell you whether this is worth it for you or not. Let’s say you decide upon the Vispring Coronet Firm Mattress, which is priced around $5,500 for a Queen. If you keep it for 30 years, that’s just over $183 dollars a year for your mattress. That’s incredibly affordable when you think of it that way. Now, let’s say you purchase a different mattress for $2,000 and keep it for eight years. That breaks down to $250 a year for your mattress, significantly more. Better mattresses last longer and provide greater comfort for the duration of the time you have them; it’s as simple as that!

Don’t forget, well-qualified buyers can also get financing. Instead of spending the $5,500 mentioned above all at once, the Vispring mattress price you end up paying could be $177 a month over time until you’ve paid it off instead. That’s not bad at all!

The Best Luxury Mattresses from Vispring 

We are proud to offer several luxury mattress options from Vispring. These include:

Vispring Oxford Plush Mattress This handmade bed is made to order, with the most luxurious natural materials, including 100 percent Platinum Certified British Fleece Wool. This wool is breathable, absorbent, long-lasting, and hypoallergenic. This mattress also has springs made from Vanadium steel.

Vispring Masterpiece Superb Plush Mattress The Masterpiece Superb has the same wool mentioned in the Oxford Plush. To keep it stable and supportive, the mattress also includes Vanadium steel springs and a solid timber frame. These springs provide you with just the right amount of support while keeping you cozy all night long.

Vispring Tiara Superb Firm Mattress This handmade mattress features three rows of hand side-stitching. It has only natural fillings, like blended Platinum Certified real Shetland wool, organic cotton, and hand-teased long-strand horsetail blended with Platinum Certified real Shetland wool. This makes your firm mattress quite comfortable as well.

Vispring Regal Superb Plush Mattress Never settle for anything less than the plush mattress of your dreams. This is made by hand with the most luxurious natural materials, like Platinum Certified British Fleece Wool, Horsetail, and Real Shetland Wool, as well as Vanadium steel springs. These springs provide you with just the right amount of support while keeping you in a gentle embrace all night long.

This isn’t our entire offering from this world-renown luxury mattress brand. Check our website regularly to see when we carry new Vispring mattress options. There’s a wide range of prices, even within the brand. Prices vary significantly between the least expensive Vispring mattress and the most expensive option.

Every Vispring is a sleeping experience unlike anything else! We encourage you to look further into this option and well as your own finances to see if there is a way to afford such supple, incredible luxury. After all, isn’t your health and happiness worth the investment?