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Europa Plush Innerspring Mattress


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  • adjustable friendly

    Upgrade to better sleep— elevate your support and discover the perfect mattress with adjustable bed base compatibility.

  • innerspring mattress

    It's a classic for a reason— durable support and responsive springs combine for your best, undisturbed rest.


Sleep more deeply, comfortably, and soundly with the cushioning layers and upgraded support of our Europa Plush Innerspring Mattress from the exclusive Celestial Collection. Improving moisture evaporation across the surface— innovative Feran Ice® cooling fabric technology maintains a fresh, dry, and cool environment. Perfect for side sleepers, the responsive structure of convoluted foam at the upholstery and top quilt layers evenly distributes weight and relieves pressure points above a classic contouring foam layer. Including a foam-encased perimeter for edge-to-edge reinforcement, the 850 tri-zoned individually-wrapped innerspring system utilizes a thicker and higher coil count nested at the center third for targeted support where you need it most.


  • Made in the USA
  • Comfort: Plush
  • Upholstery: 1.2lbs. convoluted foam
  • Feran Ice® Cooling Fabric: Advanced finish to fiber technology creates a cool, comfortable, and fast-drying sleep surface, while the evaporation-boosting properties constantly transport moisture away from the skin.
  • Top Quilt: FR (fire-retardant) fiber with 1.5 convoluted foam and 1.2lbs. foam
  • Support Base: 1.3lbs. foam base
  • Innerspring Unit: 850 tri-zoned pocket coil support system
  • Edge Support: 1.5lbs. foam encasement
  • Foundation: 8-slat premium 1’ x 3" foundation
  • Adjustable-friendly innerspring mattress
  • Includes handles
  • CertiPUR-US® certifed foams.
  • Mattress Height: approx. 13.5"
  • Experience the difference of customizable sleep support by adding the City Mattress Ergomotion 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base
  • Warranty: 10 year full
We have purchased all of our bedding for the last 30 years from City Mattress and your products and services have been consistently excellent. Thank you!!! Newton B. Green II