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Are Heated Mattress Pads Safe?


Man stays warm in bed with his heated mattress pad from City Mattress

We’re well into the chilly season. While you may love the cooler weather outside, you don’t want to be cold in your bed at night. For many people, the right solution is to buy a heated mattress pad, sometimes also called an electric mattress pad. 

If you’re wondering about this option, you probably have a few questions. How do they work? Are heated mattress pads safe? Are they like an electric blanket? We’ll answer all of these questions for you!

What is a Heated Mattress Pad?

A heated mattress pad goes underneath your sheets and above the mattress itself, just like a regular mattress pad. It keeps you warm, but how? There’s actually water in there! You plug in the mattress pad, which warms the water underneath you to the desired sleeping temperature. This water is reheated and recirculated for the duration of the time it is on. This allows you to stay toasty all night long, without high electricity bills. All you do is add water to the control unit, plug it in, and set your desired temperature. It’s simple!

Are Heated Mattress Pads Safe?

If you want the short answer- yes! If you want a longer answer, know that you can breathe easier knowing that these manufacturers have already thought of your safety. The Beautyrest option mentioned below has a 10-hour shut off timer that ensures safety, while Secure Comfort Technology continually monitors the entire surface. You don’t need to worry about forgetting it is on and accidentally starting a fire. 

In years past, people used electric blankets to keep extra warm at night. According to State Farm Insurance, heating equipment, including electric blankets, is the second leading cause of house fires in the U.S. It is believed that 99% of all fires and other accidents related to electric blankets are caused by units that are 10 or more years old. This means that since these new heated mattress pads replace the need for a traditional electric wire blanket, they are the safer option!

Our Top Picks for a Heated Mattress Pad

If you’re looking to make a good mattress even better, you can’t go wrong by shopping for a new mattress pad. These products add extra comfort and softness to a mattress that is either already great or just a bit too firm. That’s not all they do, though. You can add a heated mattress pad to your current mattress. This way, you’ll keep the mattress you already love and add on a few exciting new benefits. 

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, these two options are our favorites:

City Mattress Radiance Cooling & Heating Mattress Pad

Our own heated mattress pad is the best of the best. This water-cooled mattress pad is truly a revolutionary thermal-regulatory sleep solution. It utilizes a hydro-powered control unit, connector tube, and comfort pad to maintain your desired temperature all night long. This temperature-controlled heated mattress pad keeps you warm in the winter, while still being energy-efficient. It continually regulates your sleep surface, as heated water circulates from a control unit to the quilted mattress pad to provide undisrupted, deeply rejuvenating relaxation.

Beautyrest Heated Mattress Pad

Beautyrest has an amazing option we simply cannot recommend enough! This heated mattress pad has deep pockets and 20 different heat settings to find your perfect temperature. It combines personalized warmth and quilted cotton comfort to deliver a relaxing experience. 

We sell many mattress pad options, including those that aid with temperature regulation. If you want to be warm and snuggly in bed, no matter what the winter throws at you, a heated mattress pad is the right product for you. Once you build your ideal slumber oasis, you won’t just sleep; you will fall asleep quickly and stay asleep deeply. You wake up fully energized, ready to tackle your day.