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Office Guest Room Ideas: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Office Turned Guest Bedroom


Woman in sleep attire asleep under the covers of a sleeper sofa bed with tan sheets

Few homes have the square footage for both a work-from-home office and a guest bedroom. Thanks to the current Coronavirus situation, your home office is in use nearly every day whether it be from your full-time job, your kids doing virtual learning, or simply answering some late-night email. This makes it difficult to designate the room for guests, although you know they’ll be arriving soon for the Holiday Season. What can you do? Is there a compromise to be made? Yes! If you are a savvy shopper, you can combine both functions for a room that meets all of your needs.

Small Office Guest Room Ideas

If this describes your situation, you would benefit from looking into small office guest room ideas. City Mattress is here to help! You’ll want to visit your nearest store location or shop our website for the right sleep accessories. Once you’ve gotten those, you can finish off the room with the last two items:

Sleeper Sofa or Daybed

Your office probably doesn’t have the space for a big bed, complete with a bedroom headboard and all. That’s okay! A sleeper sofa is a convenient addition to any home, but especially smaller homes and apartments that don’t provide the luxury of a guest room. Talk about the best of both worlds! Sleeper sofas provide ample seating room and terrific sleep solutions in one compact package. These sofas are designed to accommodate three adults sitting next to each other.

A sleeper sofa in this size can pull out to have a Twin, Twin XL, or Queen sized mattress. This means you can have a great spot to take a break or sit in, and then it’s easy to pull out for your guests to have a sleep spot. If you’re worried you can’t fit a full size sofa in there, you do have other options. We also carry sleeper sofas in loveseat and chair size. If you don’t like the idea of a sleeper sofa, you can also opt for a daybed. These have long been a fantastic way to offer a bed in a room with space limitations. You can add a trundle pop-up unit for underneath to sleep two people in the daybed!


You’ve provided your guests either a high-quality sleeper sofa or day bed to sleep in. Now what? You need to ensure their sleeping spot is as comfortable as possible. This means shopping for comfortable, supportive pillows. A pillow that is too old, flat, or lumpy is at best not going to give your guests a great night of sleep, so don’t just give them your old pillows or get them as cheap of pillows as possible. We carry memory foam, latex, cotton, wool, and gel pillows, in a wide range of prices so there are sure to be some that fit your budget and your guests’ sleep needs.


Don’t forget to add some nice linens! After all, you aren’t having them just sleep on the couch. In order to make your guests feel truly welcome, they need linens on their sleeper sofa or daybed that make it easy for them to settle in for the night. Whether these sheets are a cotton blend or bamboo is up to you. We also carry comforters, duvets, weighted blankets, and other cozy blankets to cover them up. They’ll nestle down and feel right at home!

Guest Room Lighting

Their sleep space is totally set up and it’s time to add in some cool bedroom accessories. Lighting is incredibly important for your productivity at work as well as their sleep and wake schedule, so this makes the lighting for the room very important to get right. If you have a space, adding a side table with a lamp right next to the sleeper sofa is a good idea. One of the simplest ways to add lighting to your guest bedroom is with table lamps. If square footage is tight, an overhead or hanging light can illuminate the room without taking up space. Pay attention to the actual light bulbs too. In general, warmer yellow or orange lights tend to be better for relaxing, whereas cooler blue and white lights are good for working and concentrating. This means you’ll probably want one guest room lighting fixture near your work space and a separate near their sleep space.

Calming Paint Colors

Some colors are better at helping you fall asleep than others. Lavender, blues, light greens, pale blues, and soft greys are the best colors for sleep according to home decor experts. You may be saying “Wait! I need to work in there too!” That’s okay, because there are plenty of colors that are calming and stress-relieving, which is great for both an office and a place to sleep. Blue is a soothing color and can help to calm a busy mind. Green is also comforting. This makes perfect sense since this is the color we associate with nature as it is present in most of the spaces we visit when we want to feel relaxed like parks, our backyards, and the quiet forest. Pretty much any shade of green will leave you feeling calm, but the lighter shades tend to be more soothing than brighter versions.

Begin your time shopping for office guest room ideas by looking at everything City Mattress has to offer. We encourage you to visit your nearest location to see just how great our selection of sleeper sofas are- comfortable, supportive, good-looking, and space- saving! Once you’ve chosen the right sleep spot, you can then add other sleep accessories like pillows, high-quality linens, and more. Don’t forget to decorate the room in a way that makes it feel cozy and comfortable!