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The Perfect Match: Unveiling Our Dream Duos for Adjustable Bed Bases


Adjustable bed bases are all the rage – and for good reason! They offer a level of personalized comfort that traditional beds simply can't compete with. But to truly unlock the full potential of your adjustable base, you need the perfect mattress partner. Here at City Mattress, our experts have rounded up their perfect pairings to help you find your dream duo!


Understanding Your Needs:

Before we delve into the perfect pairings, let's talk about your needs. Adjustable bases offer a variety of positions, innovative features, and even next-level technology, but what matters most is how your mattress responds to these adjustments. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Sleeping Style: Do you sleep on your side, back, or stomach? Side sleepers need a mattress that conforms to their curves, while back sleepers benefit from something with more lumbar support. Stomach sleepers usually prefer a firmer feel.
  • Pressure Relief: Adjustable bases can help alleviate pressure points, but the right mattress will further enhance this benefit. Look for mattresses with pressure-relieving materials like memory foam or latex.
  • Material Preferences: Do you prefer the luxurious feel of memory foam, the natural lift of latex, or the supportive stability of innerspring? Consider your comfort preferences and any potential allergies.

Also, almost all mattresses are compatible with an adjustable base, and an adjustable base will fit most existing bed frames!


The Dream Duos:

Now that you understand your needs, let's explore some of our perfect pairings for adjustable bed bases:

  • The Dynamic Duo: Memory Foam Mattress + Adjustable Base

This is a classic combination for a reason! Memory foam conforms to your body shape, providing excellent pressure relief and adapting seamlessly to any position your adjustable base offers. Whether you want to elevate your head for reading or adjust your incline for better circulation, a memory foam mattress will move with you. Smoothly adjusting with zero gravity and a range of articulations, the Ergomotion 2.0 grants instant ease, while the Ergomotion 4.0 offers upgrades with massage, voice control, and lumbar support for everyday luxury. Bonus: Consider a cooling memory foam option if you tend to sleep hot.

Find your ideal match for exceptional pressure relief and relaxation:

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-PRObreeze 2.0 Medium Mattress with our City Mattress Rio 5.0 Adjustable Bed Base

Nectar 4.0 Memory Foam Mattress with our City Mattress Rio 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base


  • The Buoyant Bliss: Latex Mattress + Adjustable Base

Luxurious and naturally supportive, latex mattresses are another fantastic choice for adjustable bases. Latex offers excellent pressure relief and buoyancy, allowing you to sink in comfortably without feeling stuck. The inherent breathability of latex also makes it a perfect choice for hot sleepers. Configuring to your needs, the Rio 4.0 offers a range of body adjustments and extras with low-noise massage settings and USB ports, while the Dawn House Smart Bed delivers an all-in-one base solution. Including the highest level of functionality, articulations, and life-enriching technological advancements, you'll love the high-low adjustments, health monitoring sensors, rise-to-wake option, and much more! Bonus: Latex is naturally hypoallergenic, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Explore the following perfect pairs for a symphony of comfort, convenience, and support:

PranaSleep Asha Luxe Super Cush Mattress with our City Mattress Rio 4.0 Adjustable Bed Base

PranaSleep Karma Luxe Firm Mattress with The Dawn House Adjustable Smart Bed


  • The Hybrid Haven: Hybrid Mattress + Adjustable Base

Hybrid mattresses combine the pressure relief of memory foam with the supportive core of innerspring. This makes them a versatile choice for adjustable bases, offering a balance of comfort and support. Choose a hybrid with a higher memory foam content for a more conforming feel or a higher innerspring content for a firmer option. Enhancing your sleep and relaxation and unlocking your hybrid’s full potential, each of the below Ergomotion and Rio adjustable bases flawlessly articulates the head and foot alongside soothing massage settings, LED lighting, built-in USB ports, and more that elevate your lifestyle and well-being.

Browse our favorite pairings for balanced serenity:

PranaSleep Karma Select 2 Hybrid Plush Mattress with the Leggett & Platt Simplicity 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base

PranaSleep Karma Elite 2 Hybrid Super Cush Mattress with our City Mattress Rio 5.0 Adjustable Bed Base

City Mattress Callisto Plush Firm Hybrid Mattress with our City Mattress Rio 4.0 Adjustable Bed Base


  • The Timeless Tradition: Innerspring Mattress + Adjustable Base

Innerspring mattresses have been a sleep staple for generations, and for good reason! When paired with an adjustable base, they offer a surprising level of comfort and customization, combining the familiar bounce of springs and innovative extras. Allowing you to experience perfect positioning at the touch of a button, both the Ergomotion 2.0 and Rio 2.0 adjustable bases grant control over your support and relaxation with zero gravity and seamless head and foot articulations that optimize the comfort of your spring mattress. Bonus: Consider an innerspring mattress with a higher coil count for increased durability and overall support.

Discover your dream spring support duo:

City Mattress Europa Plush Innerspring Mattress with our City Mattress Rio 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base

City Mattress Pegasus Plush Innerspring Mattress with our City Mattress Rio 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base



Unleash the Power of Adjustable Comfort:

Discovering the ideal mattress and adjustable base pairing is about more than just compatibility. It's about creating a personalized sleep sanctuary that harmonizes, catering to your specific needs and preferences. Browse our extensive collection of mattresses and adjustable bases today and discover the perfect match for you!