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What are the Differences Between a Comforter and a Duvet?


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Getting your best night of sleep possible means turning your bed into a true slumber oasis. This begins with a new mattress, but doesn’t end there. You also need comfortable pillows and sheets. Then, you top it all off with either a comforter or duvet. This keeps you warm and cozy as you snuggle down for a night spent in eight hours of bliss.

In order to make sure you fully understand what you’re buying, let’s go over a few facts about comforters and duvets. This way, you can know for sure you’re buying the right option for you. Which one is fluffier? Which one is easier to clean? Are they even really that different?

Is a Comforter the Same Thing as a Duvet?

No. While they both go on top of your bed, over your linens, this is where the similarity ends. A comforter is just one piece of bedding, as opposed to a duvet that is two. Think of a comforter like a big, fluffy blanket and a duvet cover more like a pillow case, going over a pillow- in this case the duvet or down comforter.

Comforters always feature a sewn-through quilted pattern to ensure an even distribution of internal fill. A duvet, on the other hand, has an insert that works as the fill. Duvets tend to look and feel more like a loose, fluffy bag rather than a really fluffed-up blanket.

You can learn more about both in our dedicated article on duvets and comforters.

What are the Benefits of using a Duvet Cover?

Duvet covers offer a few benefits. For one, they are easy to take off and wash. It’s tough to get an entire comforter in your washing machine. If you have a King or California King bed, it may be downright impossible. This means a trip to the dry cleaner every time you need to wash your bedding. With a duvet, you pull the cover off and toss it in the machine. 

Also, it's simple to change the colors or design when you want a new style in your bedroom. Because they’re so easy to remove, changing your duvet cover is a quick and easy way to revamp your bedroom space. When you’re in the mood to change your bedroom decor, just swap out your duvet cover! You won’t need to get a new down comforter, which is the more costly product in your bed.

There’s more. Typically, duvets feature a higher fill power, which means they’re often fluffier than comforters. “Fill power” refers to the measure of the loft of a down or down alternative product. The greater the fill power, the more insulating and fluffy the duvet will be. 

Is a Comforter or Duvet More Suitable for Summer Nights?

The summer months are nearly here! Both a comforter and duvet keep you warm, that doesn't mean you need to pack it away when hottest nights of the year arrive. Don’t let all of that fluff fool you! In fact, something like tuft cotton and wool is actually specifically made to keep you cool underneath it. 

How to Choose a Comforter or Duvet

Much of this boils down to your personal preferences. You'll want to look for high-quality materials as well as a reputable name brand. We carry options from many of today’s top brands, like Elle Decor, Martha Stewart, Scott Living, and much more.

Above all else, your bedding should be comfortable and cozy. You’ll want to check the thread count of the outer fabric and opt for one that is 200 or more. As a quick example, one of our favorite options is the Martha Stewart White Feather and Down Fiber Comforter. It features a 100% breathable down proof cotton cover with a soft to the touch 240 thread count. The cotton cover has a fill of 90% white goose feather fiber/10% white goose down fiber. It’s incredibly comfortable! Then, you choose your favorite duvet cover to go over it and give your bedroom the look you desire. Go ahead and take a look at our Madison Park Collection and choose your favorite design, like the Pebble Beach or Indigo Sky print. 

Both duvets and comforters are super plush, fluffy blankets that keep you cozy at night. They both typically come filled with down, feathers, or synthetic fibers. As well, both duvets and comforters can be enjoyed year-round, even in Florida. That being said, some people prefer one over the other. The choice is a personal one!