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Adjustable Bed Base 5.0 - FLOOR SAMPLE


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Experience ultimate comfort and savings with our floor sample adjustable bed bases. You deserve the perfect night's rest, and now you can have it without breaking the bank.  All floor samples have full manufacturer warranty.

  • Electric, upholstered adjustable bed base with wireless remote
  • 18-Button Wireless Remote: Easily adjust raising of the head and foot, or return to flat (FLAT). Includes options for zero gravity (ZGRAV), anti-snore (SNORE), custom memory preset (MEM), under-bed lighting (UBL), flashlight, and massage.
  • Zero Gravity (ZGRAV) Position: Pre-programmed to place your body in a semi-seated position, simulating weightlessness by raising the legs slightly above your heart to promote circulation and relieve pressure off the lower back.
  • Anti-Snore (SNORE) Feature: The pre-programmed position gently raises the head to help alleviate snoring.
  • Massage Controls: Dual massage with wave feature and adjustable intensity at the head or foot.
  • Custom Memory Preset: Set and save your favorite position with the memory function and effortlessly return to your ideal elevation.
  • Includes USB charging ports for convenience.
  • Designed with a retainer bar at the foot of the base to prevent sliding of the mattress.
  • Lift Capacity: 850lb.
  • Warranty: 20 year limited, 1 year full
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      We have purchased all of our bedding for the last 30 years from City Mattress and your products and services have been consistently excellent. Thank you!!! Newton B. Green II