Reversa-Temp Pillow Protector


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Instantly cool off or warm up when flipping the cover of Pure Care's ReversaTemp™ pillow protector for your ideal temperature. Porous fibers absorb body heat, providing insulating properties on the Heatstar™ side, while fibers rapidly cool through minerals and nanotechnology on the FRíO® side. Ensuring protection, this pillow cover's clinically proven lightweight performance fabric lends multiple health benefits. Treated with antimicrobial inhibitors, MiteTight® seams, and an exclusive microfiltration technology, it offers a total barrier against moisture, bacteria, allergens, and dust mites.

  • Color: White
  • Material: Frio/Heatstar/polyester.
  • Care: Wash and dry on hot settings.
  • Available in: Queen or King size.
  • Surface 1: FRíO® Rapid Chill Cooling Fibers: A Micarex-based textile with unique cooling properties that disperse heat 5x faster than ordinary polyester through nanotechnology, nylon, and mica minerals. The cooling effects built into the fabric will not wash out and last the lifetime of the protector.
  • Surface 2: Heatstar™ Insulating Fibers: Absorbs your body’s natural heat energy through air cavities at each fiber’s porous interior to provide a warmer surface and insulating properties.
  • Reversible design allows two options: heating benefits of Heatstar™ or cooling benefits of Frio®.
  • AirXchange®: Exclusive microfiltration technology allows the fabric to remain completely breathable.
  • OmniGuard® Advance Lightweight Performance Fabric: Breathable fabrication specially designed to be washed and dried on hot settings for optimal sanitation.
  • MiteTight® Seams: Prevent dust mites from accessing the pillow with a locking zipper.
  • Provides a 360° waterproof barrier against moisture, allergens, bed bugs, dust mites, and mold/mildew.
  • Treated with antimicrobial silver chloride inhibiting bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause deterioration, stains, and odors.
  • Warranty: 10 year
  • Imported
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