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American Made Mattresses: Which Mattresses are Made in the USA?


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You need to know a lot more about a mattress beyond just whether or not it is comfortable. Have you ever stopped to think about where your mattress was made? As you ponder buying a new mattress, this should be one of the factors you consider. Before you make such a big decision, it’s important to look into where and how any mattress you’re thinking of buying is made. As you do, you’ll probably realize you want one made right here in the USA. There are many reasons why this is true. 

Why Should I Buy a Mattress Made in the USA?

One thing that makes our country great is that we have regulations put in place to keep us all safe and healthy. You already know this in regards to food, medicine, and cosmetics, but it extends to mattresses as well. A mattress made in the USA must be able to meet strict health, safety, and environmental standards. As a quick example, PranaSleep uses organic cotton and natural latex that have been proven to be safe to sleep on. Even if you’re not looking for a mattress to be 100% organic, you can and should still insist that your new mattress be made with safe foams and other inner materials. Products made with dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, PBDE, phthalates, or heavy metals will smell bad, break down quickly, and possibly cause adverse health effects. 

So, how can you know your bed doesn’t have any of the scary stuff listed above? The same way you know your prescription contains exactly the medicine it should and nothing else. We have rules in place to provide consumers with peace of mind! The U.S. and the E.U have tough regulations, but other countries may not offer the same protections. Only a few years ago, thousands of mattresses made in China were recalled after people slept many nights on a mattress that wasn’t able to pass fire regulations. You certainly don’t want to get caught up in the next worrisome mattress recall. 

A mattress made in the USA isn’t just great for you, it’s better for the workers who design, manufacture, sew, and sell the beds too. When products are made here in this country, federal and local governments can control working conditions and ensure that proper wages are paid. There are U.S. regulations in place to minimize accidents, while granting rights to employees for things like days off, health insurance, and more. Importing goods from abroad means that our government does not have that level of control. Sweatshops are all too common in third-world countries where some products are manufactured, including mattresses. Buying a foreign-made mattress, in some cases, supports health and economic violations against workers abroad.

It’s also what’s best for our economy. Buying American made beds ensures that United States citizens have well-paying jobs. Your money stays here, instead of being sent overseas. Those American workers pay taxes on their wages that then go to better roads, schools, and social services in their community. 

Lastly, American-made mattresses always rank high among our most recommended and most popular mattresses year in and year out.

What are the Best Mattresses Made in the USA? 

Now that you see all of the reasons it’s best to buy a mattress made in the USA the only question is, which one?


All Serta mattresses are designed and assembled in the USA, leveraging the company's 85 years of manufacturing expertise. Since first releasing the Perfect Sleeper mattress in 1931, Serta has been committed to finding new ways to innovate sleep. From that original Perfect Sleeper mattress in 1931 to the revolutionary Serta iComfort Sleep System in 2011, Serta has helped people get a good night’s sleep with all their mattress models. You can’t go wrong with a new Serta mattress, made right here in the USA!


Aireloom has been making comfortable mattresses in California since its founding in 1940. Aireloom mattresses are handcrafted by true artisans whose love for their work shows in the quality of the product. These mattresses are made with exceptional care and attention to detail, ensuring that you get a fantastic night of sleep. With an Aireloom bed, you can experience comfort and relaxation and imagine California’s mountains, beaches, and deserts while you sleep. 


PranaSleep mattresses are all USA made. This luxury mattress brand has one manufacturing facility in Bonita Springs, Florida and another in Buffalo, New York. These facilities employ dozens of local workers who sew, cut, glue, inspect, and do other crafting jobs in order to create a true masterpiece with each and every mattress. Because it’s made here in America, you can know it’s a good-quality product and because it’s a PranaSleep, you can know it is the pinnacle of luxury.

City Mattress Park Collection

Our own Park Collection are American made beds as well! When you buy a mattress with the City Mattress logo on it, you will know for sure that your new bed has been in America and worked on by Americans at every step of the process. 

This isn’t a complete list, just a few of the brands we recommend to those looking for the best mattress brands in the USA. American made mattresses are manufactured with the highest safety and health standards, and the workers are treated extremely well throughout the process. We encourage you to buy American made in order to help boost our economy. This is just one more reason you can rest easy at night on the new mattress you purchased from City Mattress!