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Box Spring Alternatives: Are there Better Options?


Boxspring Alternatives

We all want great sleep. You need more than a comfortable mattress to sleep well, though. What your mattress is resting on is the next step in creating an ideal sleep system. You probably already know you can’t just put your mattress right on the floor. Just like your mattress supports you, it needs something to support it. You’re looking for either a box spring or box spring alternatives, which can work with bed in a box options which we talk about here. The purpose of these products is actually threefold: (1) to raise the mattress's height, making it easier to climb in and out of bed, (2) to absorb shock and reduce wear to the mattress, and (3) to create a flat and firm structure for the mattress to lie upon. It is quite possible you could see your mattress provide full support for longer, plus enjoy your nights more, with the right product under your mattress.

You don’t want just a box spring, though. You know there are better products out there. You’re right! These are some fantastic box spring alternative ideas:

Premium Wood Foundation

One of the best box spring alternatives is a strong, sturdy foundation crafted from high-quality wood. For example, our City Mattress Parks Collection Arches Foundation is made from premium wood, for maximum durability, and has a full 10-year warranty. It is offered in two available heights, 9" Standard or 6" Low Profile. Our City Mattress Parks Collection was made specifically so you can get a high-quality product at a value price. Whether you pair it with one of our mattresses or not, this foundation helps make that possible! We also carry a Beautyrest foundation and a Sealy Posturepedic foundation. Instead of a boxspring, go with a solid, premium wood foundation made by a brand you already know and trust as a way of protecting your mattress investment.

Bunkie Board

Bunkie boards work like a foundation, without looking bulky or over-sized. They are made to work along with bed slats and can help prevent sagging and reduce wear on your mattress. At only a few inches high, bunkie boards are ideal for bunk beds, daybeds, trundle beds, and low profile platform style beds. Just because they are thin, don’t be worried that they are cheaply-made products. They are upholstered in a skid-resistant cover and constructed with a wood slat frame. We carry several great options, including those made by Sealy Posturepedic and Serta.

Adjustable Bed Bases

When is a foundation much more than just a boxspring? When it actually raises your mattress up to put you in the perfect position. This is exactly what a new adjustable bed base will do. Raising your head, legs, or both is incredibly beneficial for a multitude of health issues, from Restless Legs Syndrome, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, and more. Plus, even if you don’t have an underlying health issue, they are incredibly comfortable. Whether you have physical aches or simply an anxious mind, this provides the comfort you need for a better sleep experience. We carry adjustable beds from PranaSleep, Sealy, Serta, Tempur-Pedic, and our very own City Mattress brand

The first step to building a fantastic bed that helps you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep deeply, and rest all the way until morning is a high-quality, supportive mattress. This is only the beginning, though! You also need something to support the mattress itself so it lasts as long as long as it should. This means giving just as much thought to your foundation as the mattress itself.

Sometimes, you need to actually feel it to believe it. We make it easy to try out adjustable bed bases, feel the foundations, and more. Find your nearest City Mattress location to see and feel many of our options in person. By visiting a store, you can also speak with one of our industry experts about which choice may be right for you. When you leave, you’ll know for sure you got the right product to complete your sleep system!