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Find the Best Affordable Hybrid Mattresses If You Are on Budget


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There is a too-common misconception buying a new mattress that it is going to be expensive.  While there certainly are luxury mattresses that are costly, very few of our mattresses are in this price range. If you’re a savvy shopper, it is quite easy to get a high-quality and well-made mattress that fits within your budget, no matter what that budget is. This is especially true if you are shopping for a hybrid mattress. City Mattress makes it easy to find the best budget hybrid mattress, one that is supportive, comfortable, and will stay in top-condition for many years to come.

Must-have features of a hybrid mattress

Before you can find the best budget hybrid mattress, you need a clearer idea of what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself wasting money on features or technology that isn’t needed. We have dedicated recommendations for side-sleepers, for example. True hybrid mattresses must feature a foam comfort layer and a pocketed coil support layer. You’re also going to want to pay special attention to the materials used, the density and firmness, how long the mattress is expected to last, and finally the price.

Buying tips if you are on budget

While a hybrid mattress is made with fairly new technology, the way to shop for one is no different than finding any other great mattress. Simply follow a few mattress shopping tips and you’re sure to find a hybrid mattress you love:

Talk with an expert about your options.

We have many hybrid options for you, including those from top name brands as well as some you’ve probably never even heard of. What you’re looking for is a mattress with high-quality construction, which may or may not come from a brand name you see commercials for on television. As a quick example, SleepInc. probably isn’t as recognizable as Tempur-Pedic…but the hybrid mattresses they offer are hundreds, if not thousands less. It’s worth taking the time to speak to one our Sleep Experts to learn more about these new and exciting options. You may find a different mattress type like an innerspring mattress may be better for you than a hybrid.

Make sure it’s supportive.

You can’t get the restful sleep you need if you aren’t being supported! No matter which comfort level you prefer, you can still have a mattress that supports you as you slumber. The right amount of support helps you avoid any type of back or neck pain or joint soreness in the morning. You’re looking for a hybrid mattress that provides support for your natural curves and the alignment of your spine.

Find one that is in your price range.

Today’s top mattress manufacturers are working hard to make sure the technology you need is available at a price point you want. The best budget hybrid mattress options don’t need to be out of your price range. As you’ll see below, there’s quite a few hybrid mattresses priced lower than you may fear.

Our recommendations for the best budget hybrid mattress

We have a variety of hybrid mattress options, made from top brands like Casper, Tempur-Pedic, and Simmons Beautyrest. We take pride in offering fantastic mattress options for people with a wide range of budgets. With our extensive experience in the sleep industry, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite mattresses that we feel are ideal for those looking for the best budget hybrid mattress. These include:

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress

This mattress provides a most luxurious plush feeling without the luxury price tag. It features two layers of AirScape™ foam featuring thousands of tiny perforations to increase airflow in velvety-plush comfort, including zoned support. Zoned Support™ Pro memory foam below utilizes seven zones of targeted support that’s softer at the shoulders for upper body relief while ergonomically supporting beneath the shoulders, hips, waist, and lower back. A resilient pocketed innerspring unit gives this hybrid mattress extra breathability, lift, adequate support, and a bit of bounce, surrounded by a firmer border to prevent roll-off.

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Don’t let the name “Luxury” scare you off; this mattress is priced at just $1,000. Topped for a dream-like feel, the quilted foam cover infused with cashmere creates an instantly cozy and cool surface. Pressure-activated, a layer of gel memory foam flawlessly contours with breathable, pressure-relief while cradling your hips and shoulders. A solid memory foam foundation reinforces durability throughout the five layers of premium support.

SleepInc 10 Hybrid Medium Firm Mattress

This is currently our lowest-priced hybrid mattress. It features OmniSense™ Comfort Foam known for being long-lasting and resistant to body impressions. CoolingGel™ Memory Foam provides pressure-relief with cooling gel-infusion for a cooler sleep surface. This mattress delivers the responsive, ergonomic lumbar support you want for a price you’ll love. 

Renue 12 Hybrid Mattress

Copper cells in this mattress compress and interact with each other to provide support where you need it most. With Edge Zoned Pocketed Coils, the Renue Hybrid mattress has a consistent level of support all the way to the edge.

Nautica 12-Inch Plush Top Hybrid Innerspring Firm Mattress

You won’t believe how packed with premium features this cooling hybrid mattress is. It features layers of state-of-the-art liquid gel infused engineered latex foam, extra-resilient convoluted foam, a knit cover quilted with breathable gel memory foam, and an IceLux™ cool-to-the-touch surface.

One Last Piece of Advice...

It is important to keep in mind that a mattress isn’t something you want to spend as little on as possible. Is it a good idea to find the best mattress for the money? Yes! Should you buy the cheapest mattress you can find? Probably not. When it comes to a mattress, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap mattress every five years instead of a better-quality mattress every 10, pretty soon you aren’t saving money. That’s why it’s recommended to find one that is affordable and good quality, not the one with the lowest price tag.

Can’t choose between foam or springs? Get the sleep you dream of with the best of both worlds in a hybrid mattress! We’re very proud of our many mattress options for people of all needs and wants. A tight budget doesn’t mean going without the sleep you need when you shop at City Mattress!