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Find the Best Recliners for Sleeping


Recliners for Sleeping

When you hear City Mattress, you automatically think of mattresses. That’s okay! We get it! We want you to know we offer so much more than that, though. In fact, we carry anything and everything having to do with sleep, including places to sleep beyond your bed. If you’ve ever fallen asleep in a recliner and absolutely loved your nap, you’re not alone. Recliners have been a favorite nap spot ever since they were invented. Did you know you can buy your next recliner, one made specifically to sleep in, from us here at City Mattress? It is true!

What is a Recliner? 

According to its official definition, a recliner is a big, overstuffed armchair that reclines when you lower the chair's back and raise its front. It has a backrest that can be tilted back and a footrest that may be extended by means of a lever on the side of the chair. In some recliners, the footrest may extend automatically when the back is reclined or newer models offer this with the press of an electric button.

Is a Recliner Purposefully Made for Sleep? 

A chair that takes you from sitting up to laying down at the touch of a button must be designed for falling asleep in, right? It’s generally considered safe to fall asleep in a recliner. In fact, people with Sleep Apnea, Rest Legs Syndrome (RLS), or back pain may find they get a better quality sleep in a recliner than a bed if they don’t have their mattress on an adjustable bed base. This is because it alleviates pressure points and raises your legs.

Things to Check out when Choosing a Sleep Recliner

You want to find the best recliners for sleeping and then have it stay in great shape for years to come. That is why we recommend making sure you find one that is durable and built to last. For instance, Mega Motion's Mars Ultimate Reclining Lift Chair is made with a steel frame box seat with sinuous wire springs and wrapped foam seat cores. The frame is constructed from furniture-grade laminated wood and solid wood components for durability. Its occupant weight capacity is 375lbs and has been wear-tested up to 15,000 cycles, which is an average of 7 to 8 years of use. 

Also, put thought into which sleep recliner will be comfortable for a person of your size. While many recliners aren’t made for tall people, the Mega Motion's Venus Infinite Position Reclining Lift Chair is! It was designed for those 5' 6" to 6' 2" in height. There is also ample seat width in the scooped seating area. 

Find the Best Recliners for Sleeping at City Mattress

We carry so much more than just mattresses! In fact, we are proud to carry items that aren’t intended for your bedroom at all. When you’re looking to buy a new sleep recliner, we recommend starting your search by looking at our fantastic options. One of our favorites is the MEGA MOTION MARS ULTIMATE RECLINING LIFT CHAIR. The ease and convenience of Mega Motion's ultimate reclining lift chair with a chaise lounger is only part of the reason this sleep recliner is so popular. This recliner is exceptionally comfortable! It also offers smooth performance you are sure to appreciate. The power chair's whisper-quiet, full-scale power recline provides unmatched relaxation at the touch of a button. 

Sit back, relax, or take a nap. When you purchase a great sleep recliner from City Mattress, the choice is yours!