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How to Get Zero Gravity Position on an Adjustable Bed


Woman lays in zero gravity position on an adjustable bed with blue and red pillows

Does your back, neck, and joints ache? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just remove the constant weight and pressure on them? They’d feel so much better! You don’t have to be an astronaut to find a zero gravity sleep position. Adjustable bed base foundations make this possible and is one of the reasons why we think they're worth their asking price. In fact, some of the best even offer a pre-set zero gravity setting. When you choose the zero gravity setting on an adjustable foundation, the frame raises the legs and head to the perfect angle to prevent back pressure and help increase circulation. With the push of one button, your bed will get into the right position for you! 

What is a Zero Gravity Position?

When you think of sleeping in “zero gravity” you are probably picturing an astronaut floating around the International Space Station. You’re partially right. No, you’re not floating- but you may feel like you are. Zero gravity sleeping means both the upper and lower body is slightly lifted. This position distributes weight evenly and keeps the spine neutral to release tension buildup in the body.

How to get Zero Gravity Position on an Adjustable Bed

Sleeping in zero gravity is a great way to find a short reprieve from everyday wear and tear on the body. Resting in this position will alleviate strain on your legs and lower back. The only question that remains is, how do you do it? Some adjustable bed bases bring you to this position at the press of a button. If it can’t be done with a setting, you are able to create the position yourself. On adjustable bed base options without a pre-set option, you'll need to raise both the head and the leg portion of the mattress until you reach it. 

The Benefits of Getting into the Zero Gravity Position

This sleep position was created to alleviate the constant gravitational pull on your body. This serves to reduce pressure on the joints and muscles. Why is it recommended by so many sleep and health professionals? While a longer list of benefits can be found in our dedicated Adjustable bed FAQ article, a few of the benefits of sleeping in this position include:

It is better for your back.

When you lie down on a flat mattress, there are gaps between the body and the bed. Your body presses down into the mattress to fill these gaps. This can feel quite uncomfortable. A zero gravity position, on the other hand, helps distribute your weight evenly to keep your spine in proper alignment and support your pressure points.

It aids in circulation.

Raised legs can also improve blood circulation and heart health. When blood is flowing more efficiently, it has been shown to reduce swelling, promote healing, and help prevent blood clots. Because of this, sleeping in this position is often recommended to those with heart problems, high blood pressure, Restless Leg Syndrome, and Diabetes.

It reduces snoring.

Snoring can be a constant sleep disruption for both you and your bed sharing partner. With the head lifted, airways can open and breathing becomes more comfortable. This can be achieved by lifting the head to a 45-degree angle, allowing air and saliva to flow more naturally. This means less snoring for you and a more peaceful night of sleep for everyone! 

Our Favorite Adjustable Bed Bases

Just like with our mattress, the best adjustable bed base is a personal choice. We have options that do much more than raise your head and legs! A few of our favorites are:

PranaSleep Adjustable Om Euroslat Bed Base 2.0

This powerbase features a zero gravity button, gentle alarm, sleep timer, massage, and more. The pressure-relieving support of bowed beech-wood slats is combined with all the features and comforts of a personal adjustable bed that can be customized for the ultimate night's sleep!

City Mattress Adjustable Bed Base 5.0

Our adjustable bed base allows you to achieve your perfect position with superior support. The head and foot articulation raises your body with ease to relieve spinal pressure. You can swiftly attain your ideal position, thanks to the 18-button wireless remote and the power base’s preset options. Both zero-gravity or anti-snore positions are reached with ease!

Nectar Move Adjustable Bed Base

With a lighter weight than any other base, this power bed frame lends sleek, contemporary style to your bedroom. It also provides massage, anti-snore, lounge, and zero gravity features, allowing you to relieve pressure points while achieving a deeper sleep.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Ergo 2 Adjustable Bed Base

You already know and trust the Tempur-Pedic brand, and this bed base is just more proof that every product they design is a great one. Quick, electronic operation of the Tempur-Ergo Adjustable Base lets you choose an infinite number of ergonomic rest positions. Sleep and relax in your new favorite way!

Go ahead and stop into one of our stores and give zero gravity a try. If you have further questions, our sleep experts will be happy to show you exactly how to get zero gravity position on an adjustable bed. You’ll be amazed how comfortable it is. Once you have your new powerbase at home and you’re sleeping in zero gravity night after night, you won’t believe you ever slept any other way!