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The Best Bedding for Your Skin, According to Dermatologists


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As we’ve mentioned before, your perfect bed is more than just a new mattress. Your sheets matter big time! You probably shop for sheets by looking at two things: how they feel and how they look. This makes a lot of sense. After all, you want them to look nice and you want them to feel great when you climb into bed at night. There’s actually a third factor you ought to consider though. Be sure to think about the effect your sheets have on your skin!

The Best Bedding for Your Skin 

When you stop to think about it, it’s easy to see why this is so important. Your skin touches your sheets, pillow case, and other linens all night long. If you’re getting enough rest this means about eight hours. That is a lot of direct skin on bedding time! So the question becomes, what are the best bed sheets for your skin? According to experts, “Sheets that keep you cool and comfortable are best.” There’s several materials that fit this requirement, like silk, sateen, and high-quality cotton.

Benefits of Breathability in Pillowcases and Sheets 

Regulating your skin temperature is necessary for the better quality sleep you’re looking for. Breathable sheets make it easier for air to move around a sleeping body. Because air is flowing through, the skin does not become as sweaty, allowing you to feel cool and comfortable. Since you do not feel as uncomfortable as you would in a sweat pool, it is easier to get a good night’s rest and sleep longer. With a bit of research and shopping, you’ll be able to find the best, breathable sheets for your bed through City Mattress. 

This will make a huge difference for your skin. Acne is a common problem when someone sweats a lot. When oils are allowed to build up and rub against the skin, the pores become clogged and acne may start to form. Thankfully it can easily be prevented by using anti acne sheets, which are essentially any sheets that allow plenty of air, like a sateen sheet set. This helps your skin, because your sheets will permit airflow and not collect oil or other residues. Sleeping on bedding that allows for airflow helps those currently experiencing skin issues and acts as a preventative measure for all others

Benefits of Silk Pillowcases and Sheets

Many experts and dermatologists say to begin your search looking into silk. Silk pillow benefits are numerous. Believe it or not, they can actually reduce wrinkles! They also keep your skin hydrated and your hair from being frizzy. According to Hadley King MD, board certified dermatologist, “Silk is lightweight, breathable and non-irritating.” Silk sheets have been shown to be less irritating to the skin for patients with eczema. If you’re looking for the best sheets for sensitive skin, silk is it!

Yet, when you begin to look into silk options that could be considered a face wrinkle pillow you will notice something startling. Real, authentic 100% silk is incredibly expensive! This is why sateen is so popular. It offers the same smooth feeling of silk, without the hefty price tag attached. We recommend any sateen options offered by SFERRA as an alternative. The SFERRA brand, which includes pillow cases, features products made of the finest cotton in the world, grown in the Nile river valley and woven by master craftsmen in Italy. These linens are the pinnacle of luxury, and you’ll enjoy the very same benefits as you would with pure silk. 

Don’t Forget Organic Cotton! 

Organic cotton bedding has been increasing in popularity over the past decade. Organic cotton is cultivated using environmentally friendly methods and doesn’t contain any genetically engineered substances or synthetic chemicals. It has been grown without pesticides and you can just feel the difference. This is because the fabric has less contact with harsh chemicals which results in a naturally soft experience. If you’re looking for eco-friendly, organic cotton sheets, duvet covers, or pillow cases, we recommend the American Blossom Linens brand.

Benefits of Metals in Bedding

Is there such a thing as antimicrobial sheets? Some brands are infusing their sheets and bedding with metals, like silver, which has antimicrobial properties. A 2012 study in the National Library of Medicine found that linens, especially pillowcases, infused with copper help with signs of aging. You can get many of the same benefits of copper infused sheets by sleeping on a copper infused mattress pad. Yes, this is available through City Mattress! The eLuxury copper-infused mattress pad is naturally cooling, anti-bacterial, and antiviral. This is because it has copper fibers throughout it that improves circulation, reduces odors, and enhances the skin's look and feel. With a deep-pocketed skirt, the secure design ensures a flawless fit over several sleep surfaces. Undisturbed, revitalizing rest is a new mattress pad away!

A nice set of linens can really elevate the look and feel of your ideal mattress, delivering the comfort you want night after night. City Mattress’s soft and high-quality linens, including those made in Italy by SFERRA or organic options from American Blossom Linens, can help you get the good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of.