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What Makes a Luxury Mattress?


Vispring Diamond Majesty medium firm luxury mattress in exquisite bedroom on sale at City Mattress

We offer a wide variety of mattresses at City Mattress, which can fit most any budget. Among those offerings are our luxury mattresses. If you’re wondering what makes a luxury mattress earn its designation, this article is for you. 

What is a Luxury Mattress?

The word “luxury” is thrown around a lot in the mattress industry. However, real luxury mattresses share some common traits among them. For instance, all luxury mattresses are made with high-end materials. A luxury mattress may be entirely or partially handcrafted as well. Luxury mattresses also often include premium materials, such as cashmere, bamboo, Tencel,  organic cotton, or Talalay latex. 

Another common attribute of luxury mattresses is a more unique application of comfort features. This can include additional comfort layer combinations, individually wrapped pocket coils, and a host of other premium features not found in an ordinary mattress. Any foams used will be premium quality in a luxury mattress, and you’ll usually find advanced cooling and durability innovations when it comes to memory foam. 

Lastly, as you might expect, luxury mattresses are at the higher end of the pricing scale. Premium materials, handcrafting, and extra layers mean a more expensive mattress. However, this is offset by the longer warranty periods luxury mattress manufacturers provide. Because a luxury mattress is made with higher quality materials and built to last, you won’t need to replace one nearly as early as you would a traditional mattress. 

Luxury Mattress Brands

Some brands are synonymous with luxury mattresses. For instance, Vispring offers only premium luxury mattresses. Handmade using materials sourced from all around the world, their mattresses take luxury to new heights. Another top manufacturer of luxury mattresses is Kluft. They, too, offer only premium luxury mattresses crafted by hand. Their “dedication to extravagant comfort” is easy to recognize. 

Some brands offer an element of luxury at lower price points, but their most luxurious offerings are found on the higher end. Pranasleep makes mattresses featuring premium Talalay latex, and their higher end luxury mattresses sleep like a dream. Aireloom also uses Talalay latex in their luxury mattresses, as well as their own Aireluxe™ foam. Also worthy of note are Tempur-Pedic and Serta, both of which use advanced technology and premium, proprietary materials in their high-end mattresses.

Luxury Mattress Examples

The best way to convey what makes a luxury mattress is to provide examples! In this section, we’ll work in reverse order, starting with the lower end (relatively speaking) and progress toward the pinnacle of luxury. We’ll group mattresses by price range as well, so you have an idea of where the mattress falls on the budget scale.

Luxury Mattresses under $5000

PranaSleep Lotus Asana 62 Plush luxury mattress in well-lit, lightly colored room

Mattresses in this range meet the luxury criteria in comparison to a typical mattress. This means they use advanced technologies and enough premium materials to set themselves apart from the herd. While they won’t be on par with the higher end of the luxury scale, they hold their own and are a significant upgrade over any traditional mattress.

The PranaSleep Lotus Asana 6.2 Plush Mattress is a great place to start at this price range. It features their Everlast™ 400 Core at the support layer, which is a super high-density, flexible, and stable performance foam. The comfort layer is composed of multiple levels of premium Talalay latex in varying densities for body-contouring comfort. For the quilt layer, a blend of luxury fabrics combine with specialty foams for a cooler, more cushioned night’s sleep.

Another great option in this price range is the Aireloom Jamboree Plush Mattress. This hybrid mattress includes individually-wrapped coils and a high-density foam perimeter for extra stability. Meanwhile, a full sheet of micro coils, cotton upholstery, Talalay latex, and plush Aireluxe™ foam comprise the comfort layers. The Jamboree’s quilt layer is made from Tencel, silk/wool quilting fibers, PillowFlex™ quilting foam, and convoluted foam among other premium materials.

Sleep technology is front and center with the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Probreeze Medium Mattress. Tempur-Pedic’s TEMPUR® Material is well known for its pressure relieving properties. In addition to this, the Tempur-Probreeze features TEMPUR-CM+™ Advanced TEMPUR® Foam at the comfort layer, for maximum airflow and cooling comfort. In addition, PureCool+™ Phase Change Material absorbs heat while contouring to your body, to better relieve pressure and keep you cool. Over all of this is Tempur-Pedic’s SmartClimate® Dual Cover System, an unzippable, removable cover that’s antimicrobial and cool to the touch. 

Technology is also a major feature of the Simmons Beautyrest Black 'C' Class Plush Pillow Top Mattress. Combining innerspring support with memory foam comfort, this mattress offers advanced cooling through a combination of RightTemp™ memory foam, SilkAir™ Fiber, antimicrobial Black Ice fiber, and a charcoal fabric that is cool to the touch. Heat is drawn away from the body to provide a 20% cooler sleep experience. Even the Triple Braided Coil (T3) system is specifically designed to interact with the memory foam, for optimal reaction to your every movement.

Luxury Mattresses from $5000 to $10,000

Pranasleep Om Super Vayu plush luxury mattress in brightly lit room with nightstand

In this price range, luxury grows more defined. For instance, Vispring appears here with their Coronet Firm Mattress. This handmade mattress is made to order, with natural materials like wool and cotton. The support layer includes springs made from Vanadium steel, with tension options of soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. Typical of Vispring’s commitment to quality, the Coronet includes a 30-year warranty.

Many Pranasleep models reside in this category, but we’ll focus on the Om Super Vayu Luxury Plush Mattress. Entirely hand-crafted, the Om Super Vayu features 100% natural Talalay latex. Denser latex provides the support layer, while softer latex contours to your body at the comfort layer. Also of note is the luxurious quilt layer, made from a blend of silk, wool, and cashmere. All of these features combine to create a sleep experience that must be felt to believe. 

Kluft mattresses also make their first appearance in this price range. The Regalia Luxury Firm Mattress is another hand-crafted masterpiece, featuring a variety of premium latex layers and specialty foams, including Aireluxe™ Foam for optimal cooling. The comfort layer also includes luxury wool and horsetail horse hair for incredible moisture wicking. Independent springs in the support layer offer excellent contouring, so your body always feels supported. 

The Aireloom Tahoe Plush Luxetop Mattress is another great option in this group. With three layers of Talalay latex, 8 lbs of organic cotton, Aireluxe™ Foam, and a combination of micro-coils, it’s like sleeping on a cloud. Between the support and comfort layers is the patented Aireloom Lift™ chamber, which interacts with the adjoining layers for a uniquely lifting experience. The PillowFlex™ quilted layer brings extra-plush cushioning to any sleep position, for unparalleled pressure relief.

Luxury Mattresses for $10,000 and Up

Kluft Royal Ascent Luxetop luxury mattress decorated with red pillows in beautiful bedroom

In this category, only the finest in hand-crafted luxury mattresses are found. The PranaSleep

Wahe 6 Luxury Firm Mattress starts us off, with Talalay latex throughout, from the core to the comfort layer. This mattress proves that you can have firm support without sacrificing excellent pressure relief. You can keep your spine in perfect alignment while the mattress contours to your natural curves. The PranaSleep Patented Perimeter Wrap ensures stability from edge to edge for even, lasting support. Outlast® technology in the quilted layer offers the ultimate in body temperature regulation, for cooler, dryer nights. 

Sleep like royalty on the Kluft Royal Ascent Luxetop Mattress, a hybrid  mattress with firm support and plush comfort. Organic cotton lends superior breathability, while over 5 lbs of natural cashmere help to cradle you to sleep. TerraPur™ natural latex provides buoyancy and body contouring, for exceptional pressure relief in any sleeping position. Luxury New Zealand wool adds to the mattress’s cooling effect, while horsetail hair wicks away moisture. Premium wool rosettes are inserted individually through the entire mattress, to secure the inner layers and enhance comfort and durability.

The most luxurious mattress in the Vispring collection, the Diamond Majesty Medium Firm Mattress features true luxury materials from around the world. Handcrafted by master bed makers, the Diamond Majesty is hand-filled with British wool, loose British horsetail hair, Shetland wool blended with cashmere and silk, and even bamboo fabric. Vicuna fleece wool adds to the already lush feel of this premium mattress, while hand-tied woolen tufts and six rows of hand side-stitching provide an air of elegance. This mattress is truly the pinnacle of luxury.

We Know Luxury

City Mattress is proud to offer a wide selection of mattresses for every budget. However, our house of brands includes some of the most luxurious mattress crafters in the world. If you’re looking for a mattress that feels unlike any other, speak to one of our Sleep Experts online or in-store. They’ll help you find the perfect mattress to bring you sweeter dreams.