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What You Need to Know so You Don’t Void Your Mattress Warranty


Void Mattress Warranty

You put a lot of time, energy, and money into finding the perfect new mattress for your needs and wants. Your goal is certainly to have it last the full eight to ten years. What if there is a problem before then, though? If this issue has to do with how the mattress was made, it’s often covered by your warranty. That’s a relief!

What Warranty Does My Mattress Have?

You can expect high-quality materials like steel, Talalay latex, wool, puma cotton, Tempur foam, and a high-grade wood foundation to last a long time. If for whatever reason it doesn’t, the warranty steps in to help remedy the situation and get you the perfect mattress you should have had in the first place.

Today's mattresses are designed to retain a firm, comfortable shape for long periods of time. Occasional mistakes at the factory are made, even from the best brands in the world. Because the warranty comes from the manufacturer and not through us, each warranty will be a little bit different although most cover you for at least 10 years. For example, each Stearns & Foster mattress is made in the USA and comes with a warranty that lasts for 10 full years. This means that for 10 years after you purchase your new mattress from Stearns & Foster, if it has a defect covered under warranty, they will replace or repair it. PranaSleep offers a 10 year full and 20 year prorated warranty on their luxury mattresses. If there’s a problem with your new PranaSleep mattress, it will be covered by the mattress warranty without issue. Serta mattresses also come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty that covers several general defects. Sagging or sinking are the most common mattress defects covered under this warranty.

How to Avoid Voiding Your Warranty

If your mattress has a liquid stain on it, this isn’t covered by your warranty. There’s more, though. If your mattress has a stain, nothing is covered by the warranty. Any type of damage done once the mattress is at your house, including a liquid spill, means the entire warranty is voided. If there were to be a manufacturer’s issue from the factory and the mattress has been damaged in your home, you won’t be able to take advantage of the warranty you would have otherwise been owed. You don’t want this to happen! This is why a mattress protector is so important. 

How to Choose a Mattress Protector

A mattress protector does one thing, protects your mattress! Your mattress wasn’t cheap, and you certainly want to do what you can to make sure your investment lasts. An accident can happen in a second, whether it’s spilling wine or your new puppy thinking your bed is their new potty. You’re looking for something that guarantees against spills and stains. That’s precisely what a mattress protector was designed to do! 

We sell dozens of mattress protectors, both in our stores and online. While we recommend you purchase a mattress protector at the same time as your mattress so you don’t go even one night without the protection you need, you can always add one afterwards. One of our favorites that we often recommend is the PranaSleep Organic Mattress Pad. This 300 thread count organic cotton mattress pad comes with a 10-year warranty, so you’ll know that your mattress is protected completely for the entire time you have it.

We also carry mattress protectors from top brands like Luonto, Malouf, PureCare, and even our own City Mattress DreamFit Dreamcool Waterproof Mattress Protector. It’s so good, we put our name on it! Which is the best mattress protector for you? The choice is yours. That being said, we do recommend that you purchase the best product you can afford. Mattresses are typically well over one thousand dollars, while a mattress pad is around one hundred or even less. 

At City Mattress, we sell brands that offer some of the best mattress warranty options in the industry. While these mattresses are all expertly designed and well-made, occasional issues do occur. Spending a little bit now can prevent you from needing to spend hundreds or even thousands on a new mattress after a major spill! If you accidentally spill your coffee on your bed, you’ll be so glad you took this extra precaution!