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Your Guide to Sleeping Better: Experiment with What Works for You


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Everyone needs around eight hours of sleep a night, with enough time spent in both REM and Deep Sleep. However, your body, lifestyle, and comfort preferences are unique to you. With all the advice out there, it can be difficult to know exactly which tips are right for you to follow. You know you need to create the perfect bedroom oasis, but how? Part of sleeping better is experimenting!

Step #1 Buying the right mattress

 It all starts with your bed. After all, they don’t call it a bedroom for nothing! Start off by visiting your nearest City Mattress location and purchasing the best mattress for you: one that is within your price range, provides excellent support, is made from materials you prefer, keeps your spine aligned properly, and is made to your comfort level. We carry over 80 sleep surfaces to choose from, everything from pillow top to extra firm, with many different manufacturers, multiple size options, and more. This is so important to get right. After all, it’s where you spend a third of your life and a lot of your sleep quality depends on getting the one that’s ideal for you!

Step #2 Invest in high-quality sheets

 Now, you’ve gone in and spoken with an expert at City Mattress who has helped you find your perfect mattress. It’s time for sheets! Again, the right sheets for you may take a little experimenting for you to find. Begin by knowing your skin type and looking for sheets that won’t irritate you or make you sweat. You’ll want to give a bit of thought to the thread count, but it is important to realize that the brand and material matters much more than this number. There are ways for less-than-reputable manufacturers to inflate the thread count, such as using multiple yarns twisted together. It’s also important to note that for some sleepers, higher thread counts may actually be uncomfortable and make them too warm. Just like your new mattress, you’ll want to find the sheets that make your best night of sleep possible and your ideal sheets may be a different set of sheets than someone else.

Step #3 Find a supportive, comfortable pillow

Before you think you’re done creating the perfect sleeping surface, don’t forget about the pillows! We carry several different pillow options, and you are sure to find the one that is quite comfortable while keeping your neck and spine aligned just right. You may prefer a goose down pillow or one made from natural latex. The main objective is to keep your head in “neutral alignment,” which means that your cranium is not too far back or forward, but rests squarely on your shoulders, similar in position to how you’d look standing up with good posture. Your ideal pillow, therefore, depends on which type of sleeper you are- back, side, or stomach. No matter which position you sleep in, the pillow should keep its shape and support you.

Step #4 Craft the ideal sleep environment

We’ve got the basics out of the way, but there’s a lot more to creating a sleep environment than the bed itself. Everything from your light fixtures to your wall color to the smells in the room will affect how much sleep you get and how restful it is. Try calming essential oils and using them to lightly fragrance your sheets before bed each night. Consider adding a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting in the evening time. Be sure to experiment with the temperature in the room as well, as temperature greatly affects your sleep and you’ll want to find the perfect number on the AC display for your slumber. Don’t forget your bedroom floor! A soft, cozy rug across the tile may be just comfort you need right before stepping into bed each night.

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary! By focusing on these items, you’ll be able to piece together the perfect room for you- one that allows you to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep until you wake refreshed in the morning. After a visit to City Mattress for your sleep essentials and decking out your bedroom decor with other soft, relaxing items, you’ll end up with a bedroom you can’t wait to come home to each evening!