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Adjustable Beds: Base Frames & Mattresses

About Our Adjustable Beds

Whether you suffer from joint pain or simply want a more customized sleep experience, City Mattress has you covered. Choose from a variety of popular sizes, features and technologies to suit your needs. In addition, City Mattress offers free local delivery and setup, so you don’t have to worry about moving your new adjustable bed!

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Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable bed bases aren't just about comfort. Raising your head and torso can alleviate snoring and aid in reducing the instance of acid reflux. For models with foot adjustment, elevating your feet can improve circulation in your lower legs as well. Additionally, some adjustable beds allow you to achieve the "zero gravity" position, in which pressure is relieved from your hips and lower back.

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What Else You Should Know About Adjustable Beds

Depending on the model, some adjustable bed bases include a preset "zero gravity" position so you can achieve hip and lower back pain relief at the touch of a button. This is often coupled with a single-touch preset to return to a flat position. The more advanced adjustable beds even allow for custom presets, so you can program your favorite positions for watching TV, reading or anything else.

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Our Adjustable Bed Options

City Mattress offers a variety of adjustable bed bases to fill most any need. You'll find models that adjust the head or foot across the entire bed, while others are split so you and your partner can adjust your positions independently. The most advanced models of adjustable beds feature snore detection and automatic adjustment in your sleep! Furthermore, some include a handy app for your Android or iOS device so you can track the quality of your sleep and get useful feedback on how to improve it.

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