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Alleviate Your Restless Legs Syndrome the Natural Way


Adjustable Bed Base for RLS

It’s impossible to feel happy and healthy if you’re not sleeping well and long enough. Sleep is an important cornerstone of wellness, but it eludes many people suffering from chronic health conditions. One of these is Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS. This is a condition that causes uncomfortable sensations, most often in the legs. RLS symptoms typically occur when the person is sitting, resting, or laying down, and often happen at night. Clearly, this has a big impact on a person’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) in America

About 10% of Americans have RLS, either chronically or at some point in their life. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything proven as to what causes this sleep disorder. Some people have primary RLS, which has no known cause. Several genetic links have been found for this, meaning it can be inherited across generations in families. Others have secondary RLS, which is typically associated with nerve problems, pregnancy, iron deficiency, or chronic kidney failure. 

Restless Leg Syndrome and the Impact Your Sleep

If you’re one of the millions suffering each night, you want to know how to stop restless legs at night. This is understandable! There is no “cure” for Restless Legs Syndrome, but we do know a successful way to treat it. Thankfully, it doesn’t require medicine or prescription pills with potential dangerous side effects. Research suggests that it’s related to poor circulation, which should be the first thing you address if you’re suffering.

The pain and discomfort of RLS often leads to sleep deprivation. Patients diagnosed with Restless Legs Syndrome are often prescribed medication for their condition that addresses the symptoms of their disease, but not the underlying cause. Essentially, they get sleeping pills that make them fall asleep, but it doesn’t stop them from having RLS. As your brain gets used to the medications, you may need larger doses to get the same effect, and you may become dependent on the medication to sleep. The “sleep” you get from these pills isn’t the natural kind that is truly beneficial for your body. We do not recommend you stop taking any prescriptions without a doctor’s approval, but we do encourage you to look into other options. Many individuals have instead found relief by elevating their legs during the night.

Restless Leg Syndrome Solution: The Adjustable Bed

This is why purchasing an adjustable bed base is such a good idea for those suffering from RLS! An adjustable bed is a sleep solution that allows you to customize your sleeping position to provide relief without sacrificing comfort and support. An adjustable bed is a bed frame that can be moved or “adjusted” to a number of different positions. Common adjustments include inclining the upper body and raising the lower body, which would help with RLS. Purchasing an adjustable bed is an excellent way to invest in your health. 

Nearly 12 million Americans suffer with Restless Leg Syndrome. If you’re one of them, we’d like to help. An adjustable bed can help improve your wellbeing! City Mattress has a number of adjustable beds to choose from, including those made by us as well as other top brands, like PranaSleep. Our adjustable bed base offerings do much more than just move up and down. They include a range of features such as built-in massage, USB chargers, wireless remotes, and more. 

It’s worth noting that nearly all of our mattresses can be used on an adjustable bed. You don’t want to put an old, lumpy mattress on your new base! A new, supportive mattress will help you get to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer. We encourage you to visit your nearest City Mattress location to learn more about how you personally can benefit from an adjustable bed or shop for one online today!