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What Mattresses Do Hotels Use?


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While it’s true that there’s no place like home, there’s something about a hotel room that kind of makes us want to stay for a longer vacation. No matter which hotel you choose, a good hotel mattress is defined by one thing: comfort. While each hotel has its own take on what that means in terms of the sleeping experience, they know that a good night’s sleep is invaluable when you’re traveling. A five star hotel will always bring sleep luxury to the next level when it comes to the best hotel mattresses because they understand this is exactly what travelers look for. If a bed feels amazing, you will remember this when shopping for a room to book next time, which is why creating a slumber oasis in each room is what is best for everyone.

If you’ve ever slept on a hotel bed and it felt like Heaven, you’ve probably wondered at least once where they get these beds from and how you can take it home with you. Hotels make every effort to give you a five star sleep experience. They don’t cut corners when it comes to luxury hotel mattresses because they know that their customers expect the best. Have you ever wondered what kind of luxury mattresses the best hotels in the world use? 

How Hotels Create a Slumber Oasis

A great bed begins with a fantastic mattress. Different hotel chains use different hotel mattress brands. The Hilton has a luxury hotel mattress designed specifically to provide a restful slumber for any of their VIP guests and sleepers. The added coil support and internal design prevents mattress breakdown, an important feature when it’s being used every night by different guests. The patented quilted design improves circulation and reduces restlessness, according to the Hilton website. After a complete redesign in 2016, Fairmont decided to go with a five star mattress that includes therapeutic core support, memory foam, cooling technology, and a plush pillow top for their standard bed. Their luxury suites introduced a mattress with all the same advantages, plus strong inner-springs and a plush pillow top. Fairmont’s guests can relax in style and comfort with hotel mattresses that combine old-world luxury with cutting-edge bed technology. The Four Seasons has long been synonymous with a lavish hotel experience, and their hotel mattresses are no exception. These mattresses offer three levels of firmness and temperature regulation technology, designed to lull tired and achy travelers to sleep after a long day. This luxury hotel mattress comes equipped with pocketed coil motion separation and Geltouch Foam to make sure that visitors leave feeling refreshed and supported.

Even the most comfortable hotel beds are more than just the mattress, though. These hotels dress the bed with the finest linens in order to make you feel like you’re wrapped up in a sleep cocoon. The best hotels in the world don’t use cheap sheets made with a synthetic blend that scratches your skin or tear apart after the first few washes. Most hotels opt for cotton sheets with a thread count of at least 250. Their sheets are made with a percale weave and long-staple cotton, like what SFERRA linens are known for. Don’t forget the pillows! Four high-quality, supportive pillows create a bed anyone will love. There’s also that down comforter that is to die for! Hotels opt for comforters rich with down fill, or down alternative that’s super puffy in order to make the guest feel extremely comfortable.

Get the Hotel Feeling in Your Home

Now that you know what kind of mattresses hotels use and what they do to add on extra comfort, you can go about creating this for yourself in your own bedroom. To begin, City Mattress carries many of the same mattresses or mattresses very similar to what you’ll find in top hotels. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts have Sealy Posturepedic in the rooms, while the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has mattresses from the Simmons Bedding Company. ViSpring is featured in some of the top hotels and resorts in the world, like the Beverly Hills Hotel, Park Hotel Vitznau in Switzerland, and Hotel Principe Di Savoia in Milan, Italy. 

Once you’ve chosen your mattress used in hotels, it’s time to add on the right linens and pillows. We offer numerous high-quality sheets from top brands like Malouf and SFERRA. Be sure to get the best of the best so it feels exactly like climbing into a hotel bed. Some options, like the SFERRA Grand Hotel Cotton Pillowcases were designed for this specific reason! For your down comforter, we recommend the Down Decor down blanket, Down Decor White Down Comforter, Down Decor LanaDown Organic Wool Duvet, or Down Decor Goose Down Comforter. Go ahead and pick out your favorite high-quality, supportive pillows and your “hotel bed at home” is complete!

 A comfortable, supple mattress is exactly what a weary traveler needs at the end of the day. It’s also what you need at the end of a regular day going about your daily life! That is why you’ll want to visit City Mattress and create your own sleep cocoon.