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Introducing: DreamCloud Mattresses


DreamCloud mattress brand logo

DreamCloud is quickly gaining traction with their hybrid mattresses, which combine an innerspring core with memory foam comfort layers. This starts with their individually-wrapped coils, a sleep technology that allows each spring to react independently. By doing so, the innersprings better contour to your body for optimal spinal alignment. 

Atop the individually-wrapped coils are layers of comfort foam. These layers further conform to your body as you sleep, relieving pressure on shoulders and hips for side sleepers. The combination of these foams with the innerspring core means that you’ll be comfortable no matter your sleeping position. Read on to find out why DreamCloud believes you should never compromise on your sleep!

A Closer Look at DreamCloud’s Mattress Materials

As mentioned above, DreamCloud hybrid mattresses feature individually-wrapped coils. Traditional innersprings offer strong support, but at a cost of low flexibility. Especially for side or stomach sleepers, this can result in soreness from pressure points and awkward spinal alignment. Individually-wrapped coils, on the other hand, improve flexibility by isolating each coil. This improved capacity to conform translates into better comfort, especially when combined with the foam layers.

DreamCloud’s hybrid mattresses feature memory foam below and above the innersprings, providing a strong base and support layer. Atop these, gel-infused memory foam provides excellent pressure relief, regardless of sleeping position. Gel foam is also more breathable than standard memory foam, which means you get a cooler night’s sleep.

The final common element of DreamCloud’s mattresses is a cool-to-the-touch, cashmere blend cover. The high breathability and luxurious feel mean a better rested you. Since memory foam is known for its tendency to trap heat, this last component helps to minimize this side effect. The gel foam underneath adds further cooling, so you don’t have to worry about sleeping too warm.

DreamCloud Mattress Options

City Mattress offers two distinct DreamCloud mattresses: the Luxury Hybrid Mattress and the Premier Euro Top Hybrid Mattress. Both are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. The primary difference in the two is the topmost comfort layer.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress features the technologies discussed in the previous section, in five layers, and we’ll recap them here for clarity. It starts with a base layer of firm memory foam, then the individually-wrapped innerspring coils are added. Atop those is another layer of firm memory foam. Picture a sandwich, where the memory foam is the bread, and the innersprings are the filling. On top of the upper memory foam is a layer of gel memory foam, which breathes more easily and provides excellent pressure relief. Finally, the package is sealed with a cool-to-the-touch blend of cashmere and memory foam, for a soft and luxurious experience.

Dreamcloud Premier Euro Top Hybrid mattress in brightly lit bedroom with wooden floor and nightstand with lamp

The DreamCloud Premier Euro Top Hybrid Mattress, on the other hand, has six layers for added comfort. It uses the same base layer of memory foam, followed by individually-wrapped innerspring coils. Atop those is a pressure-relief comfort layer, featuring 2.5 inches of gently contouring memory foam. Added to that is a one-inch Euro Top support layer, consisting of soft foam to support the layers above it. A Euro Top cradle layer adds one inch of high-loft memory foam to cradle you to sleep. Lastly, these materials are sealed with a cool-to-the-touch Mongolian cashmere blended top.

Which of these DreamCloud hybrid mattresses is right for you is a question of preference and budget. The Luxury Hybrid Mattress offers a soft comfort level, while the Euro Top Hybrid Mattress provides a firmer comfort level with targeted support. A firmer mattress gives you optimized spinal alignment, while a softer mattress is focused more on cloud-like softness. However, in either case, you’ll have excellent support and pressure relief. The Euro Top Hybrid Mattress costs a bit more than the Luxury Hybrid option, by about $400. 

Bed in a Box

It bears mentioning that both of DreamCloud’s mattresses are also bed in a box mattresses. This means that the mattress ships to you in a relatively small box only a few feet long. A bed in a box mattress offers a convenient way to receive and move your mattress prior to installation. Simply move the box to the bedroom and unpack your mattress from there.

DreamCloud and City Mattress: a Winning Combination

At City Mattress, we pride ourselves on offering the best-quality mattresses and accessories, with the best customer service in the industry. We’re happy to include DreamCloud among our growing inventory! If you’re looking for an excellent hybrid mattress or bed in a box option, consult with one of our Sleep Experts today!