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Why Do I Always Feel Tired? 5 Tips to Having More Energy


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A late-night thunderstorm or streaming an extra episode of our favorite series can disrupt our sleep or catch up to us the next morning, leaving us tired throughout the day and requiring us to make an extra effort to get to bed earlier the next night. There are days and weeks like that when we have less energy than usual. The tiredness we feel may stem from several causes: schedule changes, stress, or dietary issues. But the good news is that aside from City Mattress' quality pillows and wide selection of mattresses that can help us get the rest we need, we can also follow these five tips to achieve that restful sleep we deserve.

1. Stick to a Sleep Routine

Establishing healthy sleep habits can go a long way in overcoming fatigue. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night for long-term health. This number of hours can be hard to achieve if we do not have a plan in place. Work to create a routine that has us settled in bed at the appropriate time. It is also helpful to design our bedroom as a calming space. Sound machines will eliminate distracting background noise. Essential oil or candles can provide a relaxing scent that encourages sleep.

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2. Turn off Screens

Software developers design their apps to be engaging. Many people struggle to put down their phones and tablets. Unfortunately, simulation games, social media, and videos can make it difficult for our minds to calm down at the end of the day. Substitute a book for screen time if we need to wind down before turning off the light.

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3. Address Stress

Our body’s fight-or-flight response is not conducive to relaxation. We may have worries about the day bouncing around our heads that stimulate this response. Physical exercise earlier in the day can alleviate our stress. Incorporating mindfulness exercises like deep breathing and meditation into our bedtime routine will also help calm things down.

4. Talk to a Medical Professional

Chronic fatigue can be a symptom of several medical disorders. If we still feel tired all the time despite improving our sleep habits, we should schedule an appointment with a medical professional. Receiving treatment for an underlying condition can provide relief.

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5. Change the Mattress

Sometimes, it may not be us why we always feel tired. It could be time for a better mattress. An updated sleeping surface offers better comfort and control over our rest. With an adjustable bed, we can find our perfect sleeping position. Check out the selection of adjustable beds at City Mattress.

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Buying a new mattress is an investment in our health and comfort. If we have trouble falling or staying asleep, City Mattress has practical ideas to help us get the rest we need. We can always find a great sleep solution at City Mattress.